Astroturf | Address negatives to come out with your best

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Astroturf | Address negatives to come out with your best

Sunday, 26 November 2023 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Address negatives to come out with your best

There was entropy (disorder) once at the primordial source. Following which energy streams emerged. But immediately thereafter followed harmonisation of those energy streams. That excited a creation chain, which following a step-by-step progressive evolution manifested into a world of form and name. The essence of source permeates in the manifest. So, the imprints of order and disorder both exist in human construct. Accordingly, we are all born with a bag full of both inherent potential and weaknesses. Even more because of Karmic baggage carried over from the past. We, thus, are invariably born with a preconditioned mind. The negative traits in a being, if not consciously addressed, often stand in way of potential playing out in full, and evidently to one’s detriment.

Now, what plays heavy in a being – good or bad - would depend on many factors. First, how one is raised during early life. Ordinarily majority of parents teach their children in terms of dos and don’ts. They seldom care to identify inherent weaknesses in the child to guide them make necessary corrections. Many a times bound by their own beliefs and perceptions - such as religious, cultural, and racial - parents condition children’s thought process more than helping them expand their vision. Second, what we learn going through real time lessons of life. Finally, applying choice option, an exclusive human privilege, one consciously self-reflects, identifies, and acknowledges fault lines. And then take corrective measures to come out with one’s best. Spiritually driven people, guided by their guru, often take recourse to this option.

The irony, however, is that habits die hard. So, with whatever conditioning one is born, doesn’t get away easily. Even those actively engaged in spiritual process, encounter continued challenges from within. What further plays spoil sport is your ego. Invariably, it identifies with the inherent traits, as if that would its identity and passionately pursues it as end game. It doesn’t allow you the space necessary to look beyond for reality check and necessary corrective initiatives. It doesn’t let you dispassionately look at mind-trends either, the least of all one’s fault lines, and with obvious consequences. Here, astrology comes handy. For, it reads energy mapping of a being at the time of birth, which reflects upon one’s personality traits with a fair amount of precision. And energy knows no bias.

Here is a case in point of a very talented guy who has gone through many twists and turns in life. He has been subject to frequented change in his job profile. He has yet not stabilised in career despite being in his late fifties. Now he is jobless for the last two years. Mind signifying Moon is well aligned to Venus and Neptune. This, read together with Venus beautifully aligned to Mars as well as Sun conjunct Mercury in Venus owned sign, brings in artistic talent with a sense of colour and aesthetics. Also, it brings in good memory and mathematical ability. Wisdom signifying Jupiter extends its beneficial aspect on Mercury marked with intelligence. That grants him with clarity in vision and thought, which he can present with finesse. Jupiter also well aligned to Uranus qualified him for out of box thinking and innovative insights. Karmic Saturn well-disposed off to Sun and Mercury makes him responsible, methodical, and granted him with excellent organisation skill who would have his eyes even on finer details.

Befitting the above traits, he rightly became an architect. But when faced with little hurdle he tried to escape as would the Sun placed adverse to Neptune imply. That also made him stuck to illusionary idealistic perception, distanced from ground reality, and not open to look beyond for reality check. Mercury also placed adverse to Neptune accounted for his insensible reasoning and judgment. Consequently, he went on moving from one discipline to the other by acquiring necessary skills. The saving grace, however, was that all that he got into needed artistic and communication skills. Born in Sagittarius lagna, he is tactless, undiplomatic, and vacillating. Sun and Mercury both placed adverse to Mars made him restless, and irritable. His interpersonal relationship skill, thus, gets compromised. The result is there to see.

Being jobless for so long, he came asking in a state of desperation: Why I had to go through such an ordeal? After making him aware of his fault lines, he was offered a lesson in how to overcome them. Should he sincerely follow, the best in him will unfold. That will create the ground necessary to taste success with ease and comfort.          

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at

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