Astroturf | Holistic look reveals truth, selective approach misleads

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Astroturf | Holistic look reveals truth, selective approach misleads

Sunday, 19 November 2023 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Holistic look reveals truth, selective approach misleads

Seeking remedial measure, someone approached me for necessary guidance: “Sir, I am going through a very bad patch in. My business has collapsed, and I am loaded with heavy debt. I don’t know how to deal with this crisis and make a fresh start. An astrologer I met recently observed that my marriage has brought bad luck. For, my lagna lord Mars is exalted but Venus, the lord of 7th house identified with wife is in debility. When I reflected, it looked probable. Whatever I attempted before marriage, I came out with flying colours. After marriage, I twice took business initiative and miserably failed. I am shaken and thoroughly confused. Should I end up my marriage to ensure a smooth sail of life? Suggest me some puja to get out of this dilemma.”

Didn’t that pundit offer quick fix solution through some puja? I countered. “Yes, but I can’t afford the cost.” He answered. So, it is the cost that brought you here. I can offer you a no cost solution, which may though not offer instant solution, but will help you address the problem from the root level. Your effort, however, will not bear fruits unless you understand and acknowledge some basic truths. The genesis of problem doesn’t lie in extraterrestrial forces playing in the cosmos. It is rather rooted in your inherent trends of mind, – desires, perception, habits, and attitudes. That’s what ordinarily drives the functional mandate of a being. Accordingly, you make choices in life. But whenever there is choice, the probability of its use and misuse remains equal. And there is no free lunch in life. You are to own up the consequences of the choices made. Even the destiny indications are a result of the choices you made in the past.  The quality and intent of your actions define the way future would unfold. It is difficult to digest that cosmic bodies could be appeased. For, they don’t enjoy discriminatory abilities necessary to selectively respond to your individualistic prayers.

The most potent method is to self-reflect, identify, and acknowledge fault lines, and address them through fresh educative inputs. A purified mind will let you look at issues in hand with an open mind, free from any preconditioning whatsoever. You may then see things in the right perspective and target what is achievable. But our ego often plays spoil sport. It doesn’t let you dispassionately read your mind trends. Here astrology comes handy. For, it reads energy mapping of a being, which reflects personality trends with a fair amount of precision, as energy knows no bias.

“What’s your take on the other pundit’s observation? In your opinion what does my astrological chart reflect?” Asked the man. Well, he certainly lacked a holistic approach. Or that he purposely made selective observation to serve his vested interest. True, your lagna lord Mars is exalted. But it is placed adverse to both Sun, and Jupiter indicating inflated ego. That binds you to your self-defined beliefs and desires. It doesn’t let you go beyond for a reality check or looking for better options if any. Also, it will not let you identify and admit own weaknesses either. Instead, you find it convenient to shift the blame on others. If your wife brought ill-luck, how comes she is doing well by herself, which has helped you sail through your crisis. You should be rather thankful for her support.

You are born in Aries lagna, a fiery sign, with Moon therein, which is ill-disposed off to Mars. That makes you aggressive, impulsive, commanding in nature, who will jump into action without applying proper forethought. You never wish to play second fiddle to others, which includes the superiors. That tempted you to get into business, carrying the mistaken belief that things will move exclusively to your asking, whereas in corporate sector you are to report to superiors. You forget that you are still dependant on the callings of market forces, if not your support staff. Also, mischievous Neptune is placed adverse to Venus, the natural significator of finance. That brings in illusionary craving for amassing huge wealth. At the same time, it also makes you vulnerable to loss because of indiscrete and impulsive speculative initiatives. The result is there to see. Truth remains that 2nd sub-lord, which reflects upon the potential to earn, is Mercury, which is tenanted in the nakshatra owned by limiting Saturn. It indicates fixed income. No wonder, you did well when worked on fixed salary, but encountered failure in business where the income level fluctuates. 

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