Astroturf | Personality traits influence the course of destiny

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Astroturf | Personality traits influence the course of destiny

Sunday, 16 June 2024 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Personality traits influence the course of destiny

The freedom of making choices can serve both an enabler as well as a trickster, is what comes out of the previous issue. Should we just get carried away by the usual promptings of our mind, it just becomes a matter of chance whether we strike success or fail.  When we succeed, we feel being a doer in one’s own right. But in the event of failure, we prefer to conveniently shift the blame on the call of destiny.  Our ego doesn’t allow acknowledging truth. Do we deserve being helpless subject to chance?

Certainly not, provided we try to know our true self.  We, however, seldom remain conscious about exploring our own inherent strengths and weaknesses. And being unaware, our indwelling potential goes unutilised. We won’t correct our weaknesses either. Truth remains that at the core level, we carry limitless potential, which if unfolded in full will know no limits.  For, the wholesome powers of mind, which drives all actions on our part, becomes available. 

The paradox, however, is that we enter the world with a clouded mind as a sequel to karmic carryover from the past birth.  It needs to be appreciated here that life runs in succession. During the journey of life, our impressionable mind comes under the influence of good or bad experiences that we go through, be they of our own making or external promptings.  And the fact that our choice option binds us to the laws of causation, the impressions that we pick up in life, continues to have far reaching consequences.  It stretches on to even the next life. How?

Going by ancient Indian philosophic perception, every being is structured in three layers – causal, astral, and gross, bodies.  On death, it is just the gross-body that meets its end.    The causal and astral bodies, that are pure energy dimensions, are not bound by the gross-body. So, they remain intact.  They then become available to their next incarnate body, carrying along all the memory imprints from the past birth.  These impressions vary from person-to-person depending on varied experiences one would have gone through.  They involuntary build individual specific belief pattern, which playing from the front defines how we conduct in life.  Caught up in this bind, ordinarily we get carried away by the promptings of our mind, hardly allowing any scope to look beyond for a better lead.  With such a clouded vision, our mind power gets compromised.

Here again comes the role of our choice option.  Applying this exclusive human privilege, we could self-reflect to figure out and acknowledge the fault-lines.  And then reshape the mind with the help of fresh educative inputs.  That may help expand our vision, which in turn, shall improve our mind-power.  Following which, one shall be able to have better control over our actions.  So, we are very much empowered to reshape our destiny.  The paradox, however, is that caught up in the usual mills of life, we seldom remain conscious about exercising this option.  Also, our ego doesn’t let us acknowledge our inherent weaknesses.  Here, astrology may prove handy in dispassionately identifying limitations of our mind.

A case in point is that of a person having blind faith in destiny.  He holds the view that when time turns favourable, everything will fall in place.  So, for quite some time, he has been chasing different astrologers trying to find out the probable timeline when life begins to move to his asking, but in vain.  He never paid any attention to work upon his fault-lines, carrying the blind belief that unless time becomes favourable even attitude won’t change.  Let us give a look at his astrological pointers.

Born with Aries lagna, by itself enough to make him aggressive, impulsive, commanding, demanding, dominant, impatient, and an intolerant person.  He wishes to be at the head of everything, and habitually jumps into action without applying proper forethought. These tendencies get further compounded because lagna lord Mars is ill-disposed to restive Rahu. That makes him unmindfully misdirect his energies towards unproductive ends.  He, thus, fails to process his thoughts objectively.  Mind-signifier Moon in debilitation is conjunct mischievous Neptune, and opposite limiting Saturn. It implies that with his hardened attitude he remains stuck to self-delusional perceptions, often distant from ground realities.  He won’t acknowledge truth on its first appearance and will rather continue pursuing his beliefs, until pushed to the wall.  He has a swaggering ego, as would the Sun locking horns with Jupiter mean. That further limits his scope of vision.  And the result is there to see.  

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