Astroturf | Watch and correct thought trends

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Astroturf | Watch and correct thought trends

Sunday, 19 May 2024 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Watch and correct thought trends

What’s wrong with our destiny indicators that there seems to be no end of our struggle. This, despite so many pujas suggested by pundits to ward off the evil. Why so?  Is there no remedial measure that could grant us ease and comfort? My husband, the breadwinner of family, has been subject to unwanted twists and turn in career all through his life?  So far, he lost his job nothing less than a dozen times.  In between, many a times he remained jobless as well. He is honest, truthful, hardworking, and yet runs out of favour with related bearing on our life. His health too, becomes a matter of concern every now and then.”  A lady, concerned about her husband’s ordeal came asking the other day.

In the above context, let us first examine whether heavenly beings could grant boons in return for transactional pujas offered in their praise, to mitigate our sufferings.   Experience suggests that had it been so, no resourceful person would have ever suffered in life.  At the best, such pujas can bring in psychological satisfaction, which may help restore your own faith.

It may not be out of place to mention here that Vedas, which serves as the premise on which the Indian philosophy stands, does talk of various deities engaged in cosmic management.  That, however, doesn’t mean some heavenly form-beings like us, who could selectively respond to our prayers.  They, in fact, symbolise various forces playing through the cosmos, vital to our life cycle, and available in equal proportion to all.  It is difficult to digest that forces would be imbued with some mind-like organism to respond to our individual call, and that too mediated by pundits.

What needs to be appreciated here that our lives are driven by cause-effect chain – “As you show, so shall you reap”, which defines the course of our destiny.  And it works in a self-automated mode, almost like a software programme. There is no scope for any external agency adjudicating our course of destiny.

The question now is: How does destiny play upon in our lives?  Going by Indian Philosophical concept, human life is structured in three layers – Causal, Astral, and Gross bodies.  On death, it is just the gross body that disintegrates.  The causal and astral bodies that are pure energy platforms do not wither away.  They carry over memory impressions pertaining to the past life and make it available to the freshly incarnated body as thought seeds.  These thought-seeds set the trends of mind – indwelling desires, virtues & attributes, habits & attitudes, likes & dislikes, prejudices & obsessions.  They, however, do not define in finite term specific events due in emerging times.  They rather just offer a lead to proceed with.  Here it needs to be appreciated that unless ground suited to germination of seeds is available, they may never bear fruit bearing plants.  Invariably, guided by indwelling desires, we take off in life.  Their fruition, however, would need qualitative effort, which, in the first place, calls for creating the ground necessary for fruition.  Second, assess the environmental constraints as well as challenges posed by competing interests.  Accordingly, articulate ways and means to intelligently pursue the task in hand.  The irony, however, is that our mind, blinded by indwelling desires, doesn’t allow time and space to invoke our own empowerment tool – Buddhi – for due diligence, before taking the final call.  And when we fail, instead of trying to find out our own fault-lines, we take refuse in our destiny.

The most potent remedy, therefore, is that your husband reflects upon his own mind-trends and makes necessary amends.  In this context, let us look at astrological pointers of the man concerned.  The main marker is his Sagittarius lagna. Its lord Jupiter, though in exaltation, but is placed adverse to Uranus, Sun, and Moon.  It implies, in the first place an undiplomatic and a tactless person.  He would be known for his indiscrete and ill-timed instinctive outbursts at times not even sparing the seniors. Second, he is headstrong and opinionated, who may try to force his viewpoint.  Third, he has a swaggering ego, often out of touch with reality that makes him stuck to his self-beliefs and not open to look beyond to explore better options.  The Sun also ill-disposed off to Moon makes him vulnerable to conflict and disharmony with others on the slightest pretext.  Intelligence signifying Mercury sandwiched between headless Ketu and mischievous Neptune accounts for his inner confusions and insensible reasoning.  And the result is there to see.

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