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Sunday, 16 June 2024 | RUPALI DEAN


From a hearty dinner with beer to saying cheers at India's first Agave Bar and celebrating over a yacht soiree, here are some of the best bars in India to take your Dad out this Father's Day evening!


Where? Golf Course Square, Airport Rd, Jayprakash Nagar, Yerawada, Pune

In a nutshell, Agave Bar at Aasmana is a fantastic spot to celebrate Father's Day with your dad. This special place offers a selection of carefully crafted cocktails made from agave; a unique spirit known for its rich flavours. Among the highlights are drinks like 'Quiote', a bold mix of Tequila reposado, mezcal, fruity and spicy ingredients, and grapefruit soda for a refreshing taste. The menu also features Plantinotos, Penca, Cacyas, Flora, and 'Semillas cocktails', each with its own distinct flavours and ingredients, providing a wide range of options for those looking to explore the world of Tequila.

Blending traditional Indian cuisine with a modern Mexican twist, Agave Bar serves up a fusion of flavours that are sure to impress. From spicy mirchi wada filled with feta and chili to tangy tamarind and date chutney, to Chatpata corn on the cob with a burst of spices, there's something for every taste. For a unique twist on a classic favourite, try the Crispy guacamole chaat, which combines creamy guacamole with crispy elements. Meat lovers can enjoy the Cajun-spiced tandoori chicken tikka, offering bold flavours and tender juiciness that will satisfy any craving. Indulge in the exquisite Pulled Sikandari Raan, featuring succulent meat paired with pickled onion, gherkins, and methi thepla for a delightful play of flavours. The Poblano prawn Koliwada adds a twist to coastal cuisine, blending rich prawns with subtle poblano pepper heat. At Agave Bar, Aasmana, The Ritz-Carlton, Pune, enjoy a culinary adventure set against Pune's scenic skyline. Discover refined agave-based cocktails curated by the expert Tequila Sommelier in this stylish haven redefining Pune's nightlife.


Where? SCO 358, Sector 9, Panchkula & SCO - 26, S.A.S. Nagar, Sector 67, Mohali

Indulging in a tale that commenced in 2010, synonymous with the mastery of craft brewing in India, is an experience beyond mere beer sampling at Hops n Grains. Nestled as the fifth microbrewery in India initially, it has since evolved into the second oldest operational microbrewery in the country, setting a special stage for Father's Day celebrations. Embracing the narrative woven by founders Amritanshu Agarwal and Priyanka Gupta, Hops n Grains stands tall across three floors, a masterpiece sculpted by acclaimed designers Nikhil Pratap Singh and Suvrita Bhardwaj. The interiors, a fusion of contemporary elegance and timeless allure, beckon patrons into a cosy sanctuary, ideal for shared evenings of conviviality with loved ones. Guided by the skilled hand of master brewer Dr. S Cariappa, Hops n Grains weathered storms like the highway liquor ban and the tumult of the COVID-19 era with unwavering dedication. The saga of perseverance paved the path for expansion, birthing The Great Bear in Chandigarh and a counterpart in Mohali. Pioneering a renaissance in the Tricity's beer culture over a decade, this haven transcends mere libation, artfully blending superb brews with gourmet delights. Earning accolades such Best Trendsetter Microbrewery in North India and the prestigious title of Best Brew master North at the Brewer's World Awards, Hops n Grains showcases an unyielding commitment to quality and avant-garde craft in the brewer's art. Each sip at Hops n Grains is a symphony of barley, hops, and the painstaking craft of brewing, enticing guests into a connoisseur's realm where each moment whispers tales of dedication and innovation. In a changing craft beer scene, Hops 'n' Grains shines bright with its blend of tradition, quality, and innovation. Here's to many more years of crafting exceptional brews!


Where? 1/136, Dr Elijah Moses Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli, Worli, Mumbai,

In Mumbai's dynamic skyline, AER shines as a standout gem. Known for its chic setting and captivating sunset rituals, this spot is the ultimate Father's Day destination. This year, AER takes celebrations up a notch with a Yacht Soiree, offering a luxurious tribute to fatherhood against Mumbai's breath-taking sunsets. Step aboard the yacht, a haven of opulence with lavish interiors and expansive decks overlooking the Arabian Sea. Raise a toast to all fathers with a selection of premium beverages, from signature cocktails to fine wines and refreshing mocktails. Let expert bartenders craft the perfect drink, tailored to every dad's taste. Delight in a culinary journey with gourmet dishes curated by top chefs, showcasing a variety of delectable treats from fresh seafood to sumptuous desserts, all made with the finest ingredients. Join a masterclass led by Vineeth Krishnan, the esteemed Beverage Manager, known for his creativity and expertise in mixology. Vineeth's rich background in bar management and mixology from India's leading hospitality venues promises an enlightening experience. The evening's aura is amplified by the soulful tunes of a violinist and the lively beats of a DJ, creating a magical atmosphere against the backdrop of the mesmerizing sunset. Enhancing the charm of the bar, esteemed industry experts will take charge. Myles Carroll, the Brand Ambassador for Dewar's whisky, and Pearl Fernandes, the Portfolio Trade Ambassador for West India, will craft exceptional cocktails for the special event. This Father's Day at AER promises to be unforgettable, combining luxury, education, and festivity in perfect harmony.

(Awarded the "Best food writer in the country" by the Indian culinary forum, WACS and the ministry of Tourism, Rupali Dean writes on food and travel.)

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