104 medical helpline served 47,476 people in its first year

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104 medical helpline served 47,476 people in its first year

Saturday, 11 July 2015 | PNS | Chandigarh

launched on June 24 last year, the 104 medical helpline in Punjab has proved boon for 47,476 people in the state in its first year. Total 1.41 lakh callers have ring-in the three digits for help, out of which 47,476 calls were related to 104 helpline — which is a toll free non-emergency medical helpline number. By dialling 104, anyone in Punjab can get free medical assistance, advice and information for the health related schemes and facilities provided by the NHM and the Punjab Government.

A total of 2,750 complaints were lodged at 104 out of which 2,438 people were completely satisfied or satisfied from the resolution of their complaints. Besides, 20,605 people have taken medical advice and 206 have taken consultation for the drugs, depression and anxiety, from the professional doctor and paramedic team.

Total 23,899 people have taken details for government schemes and institutions, and even in some critical cases, blood has been arranged to save people’s life due to the support of 104 helpline. Besides, with the data base of Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS), provided by the state National Health Mission, 104 consultants calls the expected mothers and guide them for safe delivery and vaccination in time.

And as of now, more than 87,143 calls have been made to the expected mothers for their safe delivery in government institutions and to take precautionary steps in case of critical delivery cases. The 104 medical helpline is being run in Punjab in public private partnership with the Ziqitza Health Care limited. “The helpline, in its first year, has received great response. People are getting free medical consultation from a team of doctors and para-medical staff and are also getting counselling with the expert clinical psychologist 24x7 days,” said Ziqitza Health Care limited’s regional head Jitendra Sharma.

“The success of the helpline is because of the monitoring by Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani, who himself crosschecked efficiency at mid night and found it satisfactory and review by Principal Health Secretary Vini Mahajan and Punjab Health System Corporation managing director Husan lal,” said Sharma. Project Manager Sunil Gandhi told that the helpline proved so useful that in many cases, the depressed caller, who have decided to commit suicide, changed their mind after consultation with the clinical psychologist.

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