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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 | Agencies

Off late, India has become a hotbed of medical tourism given the fact that we have some of the best doctors who are providing treatment at reasonable cost. Medical tourism providers or facilitators should have good knowledge of the topography of various places and hospitals offering medical tourism. A career in medical tourism involves providing facilities for a client to travel, financing options for visas, arranging the hospital, boarding, lodging, best treatment, and tourism after treatment. To begin with MBA graduates with work experience can earn anything between Rs 30,0000-Rs 50,000 per month. A few colleges where one can study:

NBA School of Health Care Management, New Delhi. Course: Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management, Hospital Operation Management and Medical Tourism

Agra College of Management and Technology, Firozabad. Course: MBA Medical Tourism

Academy of Business and Management Studies, Kolkata. Course: MBA Medical Tourism

ICRI Health Campus, New Delhi. Courses: PGD in Medical Tourism, Diploma in Medical Tourism