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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 | Pioneer

On this occasion of Teachers’ Day, let me start by congratulating every teacher for the great work they are doing. When we talk about nation building, it is hardly ever that we think of this group of people — teachers. In reality, the contribution that they make to nation building is indeed unparalleled. If we have to emerge as a strong developed nation, education has to play a key role. We need to invest immensely in our education system, in building infrastructure surely, but more so in empowering and training our teachers. The draft new education policy acknowledges that and suggests a complete revamp of teacher education system. Hope the Government will implement the recommendations in the report without any delay.”

— Dr Partha Chatterjee, Professor and

Head of the Economics Department, Shiv Nadar University Classrooms have not changed much over the last century, but the process of teaching and learning certainly has! It is more technology-driven and the internet has led to the instant gratification of answers. But what is that we are headed towards in the upcoming decade when the business world is characteriSed by disruption and 3Vs- Velocity, Veracity, and Volume? The things are ever-changing and so is the knowledge and skills requirements for every profession. By the time the students graduate, the expected knowledge would have already become obsolete. So, what is that we can teach our students to succeed in their careers? The answer is — learning how to learn. Training the students on developing high learning agility and quest to learn more, is the way to go or else they will perish, wondering what happened!

So, my Gurumantra for the next decade is — ‘Learn, before you have to!' 

— Dr Jaskiran Arora, Assistant Dean, Accounting and Finance Professor, BML Munjal University

Gift yourself knowledge and wisdom, the most precious jewelry that no one can ever steal.

In this era, competition has increased, options have increased, and opportunities have increased. Why sit back at home and dive into thoughts of ‘could haves and would haves’. Your time is now, go and grab every opportunity you can to learn, to grow, to become the best version of yourself. Compete and compare with yourself, within yourself and let no one be the leader of you. You own it; you hustle and consistently strive to become the best in every aspect of your life.

— Samira Gupta, Chief Image Consultant & Executive Coach

Today's teachers have a crucial role in moulding the future of soceity and the country at large. We wish all the Teachers in the country a very happy teachers day, and wish them luck for the commendable responsibility they have undertaken.

— J Mathew, CEO, Christel House India

The world is changing faster than ever before and so is the role of teacher's in the learning environment. Today, the role of a teacher is changing to becoming learning facilitators. Their role is shifting from ‘instructing' students to helping students ‘construct' their own learning. The teacher thus needs to create a culture of innovation in the school. Accept that there will be many success and some failures, but those failures will drive even more successes.

— Hina Desai, Principal, Birla Open Minds International School

A big thank you for teaching, inspiring and giving confidence to kids, to be their best selves, for sharing laughs with them and for listening with an open heart always. The society will always be eternally thankful of you for shaping the future! Society depends on teachers.

— Tarandeep Singh Sekhon, Marketing Director, KidZania India

The education system in India had a fine balance between knowledge and skill, but during last 200 years there was more emphasis on knowledge-content as compared to skill development. As a result, India is now home to large number of educated youth, who have degrees from universities but are not employable. India adopted the western style liberal democracy but could not achieve dignity of labour, being a laggard in Industrialisation. The new education policy proposes to correct the historical aberration and has vowed to restore the balance between skill and knowledge in the new education system. A renaissance in Indian education system is visible in the horizon.

— Dr Vartika Chaturvedi, Associate Professor, Jaipuria School of Business

Careers are a reflection of the child's aspirations. In an institute like VidyaGyan where we induct meritorious children from economically weaker, rural backgrounds, the initial aspirations are very different from their final career choices. When they are inducted they dream of becoming a postal officer or a teacher — professions that they have seen in their lives. However, after seven years of rigorous mentoring that they receive at the school, these children dream of becoming IAS officers, marine engineers, psychologists or joining the defence services and most of them achieve their dreams. This sea shift in aspiration is our greatest achievement.

— Pamela Srivastava, Head of Career Guidance and Sustainability, VidyaGyan

There are so many career options available today for students to choose from. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. Understanding your skills, interests, values, aptitude and attitude is the first step towards choosing a career path in the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). Don't try to fulfil someone else's aspirations or live someone else's dream. Dream for yourself and get inspired. Explore options, discover what will work for you, embrace opportunities, evaluate your options, communicate your thoughts by exchanging ideas and take action. Be on the driver’s seat and find the joy in discovering your path as you embark on the journey of learning, unlearning and relearning. Be the torchbearer to light the way!

— Nitina Dua, Lead, Career Development Center, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future of students and thus are nation builders. Students require direction and only a guru can guide them. Teachers help students excel in all areas including academics, sports and life skills. On behalf of FORE School of Management, I wish all students good luck in their endeavors.

— Dr Hitesh Arora, Professor, FORE School of Management, New Delhi

For good education, we need engaged teachers. For an engaged teacher, we need to give back to teachers the high status they enjoyed in the society previously. A teacher’s role must be deemed very high as a teacher is like a gardener, watering the plant and nurturing our minds to grow higher. — Aakash Chaudhry, Co-Promoter & CEO of Aakash Educational Services Ltd & Founder & Trustee, Plaksha University

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