It’s thrilling in a dark way

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It’s thrilling in a dark way

Sunday, 28 July 2019 | Shalini Saksena

It’s thrilling in a dark way

Judgementall Hai Kya

*ing: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Jimmy Sheirgill

Rated: 6/10

There is a saying — any publicity is good publicity even if it is negative. After being in the news over the title of the movie — originally it was Mental Hai Kya— the film now titled as Judgementall Hai Kya on the face of it may appear to be — at least the first half — is funny in parts. However, looking at it more closely and one realises that the film has not just been made for entertainment purposes. There is an underlining message here — that of mental disease — which is a cause of worry. According to 2018 National Mental Health survey, around 150 million people in India need care for their mental health condition.

These are alarming figures and the film doesn’t stress on this aspect. However, through its characters — Bobby played by Kangana Ranaut and Keshav played by Rajkummar Rao — the movie takes us on a journey where there is a thrill quotient and keeps you on edge till the climax.

The first half is in total contrast to what transpires after the interval. The former is in a much lighter vein than the latter. Even though the movie is of 121 minutes, the second half drags. But director Prakash Kovelamudi makes up for this by extracting some great performance from both Ranaut and Rao. Ranaut who is shown to have mental issues, has layers to her which explains why she is the way she is. Despite her mental health problems one can’t help but love her character.

Rao too has given some great performance and the duo keep you engaged through the mind games that are played out even if they are extremely dark and twisted. This appears to be bizarre since Ranaut’s character is always shown wearing bright and floral patterns. Three are in. Total contrary to what is actually happening in her brain — the chemical locha. The juxtaposition is very apt. One can be outwardly fit but the inside is another matter.

Ekta Kapoor has definitely picked up a subject that is tricky to deal with on the 70 mm. But it has been delivered well in a thriller format. For those who are looking for movies that are hatke, not the usual romance that Bollywood  puts out, Judgmentall Hai Kya makes for an interesting watch.

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