Chandigarh mulls mandatory installation of QR code

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Chandigarh mulls mandatory installation of QR code

Thursday, 03 October 2019 | Nishu Mahajan | Chandigarh

The Chandigarh Administration is mulling the mandatory installation of QR (quick response) code in city’s auto rickshaws and taxis for the safety of commuters especially women.

The QR code will help the commuters to get details of the driver, vehicle and also, to contact the Police Department in light of an emergency.

Under the system, each driver will get the QR code only after thorough verification of vehicular records. The QR code will be pasted in autos and taxis and a commuter can get details of the driver, including the licence/permit details, contact number and vehicle information by simply scanning the code with a Smartphone.

A mobile app is also proposed to be introduced for sharing the QR code with Police in case of any untoward incident.

The installation of QR code will help the state authorities in several ways. Besides ensuring safety of commuters travelling in autos and private taxis, the system will help the UT Transport Department to weed out illegal taxis and autos. For this, a database of drivers and their vehicles including taxis and autos is being prepared by the Transport Department.

The QR code will also be helpful if a passenger lost their valuables in a cab, want to lodge a complaint against auto rickshaw or cab driver and if the vehicle is involved in a crime or in an accident.

Notably, the QR code system was recently launched in the national capital-Delhi. The system is also being implemented in Mumbai, Hyderabad among other cities in the country.

Manoj Parida, Advisor to UT Administrator said, “The Administration is working towards having QR code like system in place to ensure passenger safety in autos and taxis.”

The Chandigarh Police Department has prepared a proposal for implementation of the QR code. The system will be implemented with the help of private taxi operators, he said.

The QR code will help the state authorities to keep activities of the drivers under scanner and in case of any crime or untoward incident, the details of the driver and vehicle can be forwarded to the police and the family members by the passenger through QR code and an app, he added.

There are around 4000 registered autos and about 1500 taxis or cabs in Chandigarh. At present, the commuters are availing the app-based cab services Ola and Uber in the city.

  • When scanned, QR code will
  • Reveal crucial information such as the driver’s contact number, licence or permit details and vehicle information
  • Will give an option to call and register complaint with the Police during emergencies
  • Help tracking vehicles through GPS at a centralized control room

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