Quota for upper caste Hindus decried

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Quota for upper caste Hindus decried

Thursday, 10 January 2019 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

The Freethought Party of India (FPI) decried the move of the Narendra Modi Government at Centre to provide 10 per cent reservation in jobs to the economically weaker sections (EWS) of the upper castes as this would further propel the caste system in India.

With 10 per cent reservation of jobs available on caste line for the upper caste Hindus, 27 per cent for OBCs and 22 per cent reservation for SC/STs, India’s caste system is sure to be hardened, said FPI general secretary B Ramchandra CST Voltaire.

He expressed apprehension that instead of doing away with the caste system, the Government is encouraging it as a vote-catching device. Caste system has its ominous spell on society, he added.

Let the Constitution of India be suitably amended to ensure socioeconomic and political justice to each Indian citizen through a policy of reservation not based on caste but on lines of real economic backwardness, said an FPI release.

Besides, it demanded a policy for one-child family, introduction of mixed PR system of election, no use of surnames by individuals and free registration of love marriage across the country with offices at the gram panchayat level.

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