State Cong protests against AAP, BJP for onion price hike

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State Cong protests against AAP, BJP for onion price hike

Friday, 08 November 2019 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Congress staged a protest on Thursday against AAP ruled Delhi Government and BJP ruled Centre for failing to control soaring prices of onions in the national Capital.

Thousands of Congress workers led by its president Subhash Chopra, carrying placards with slogans against the AAP and BJP Governments such as "Kejriwal Sarkar Hai, Hai, "SasthaPyaaj jo de nahi sake, wo Sarkar nikammi hai, wo Sarkar badlni hai", "Kejriwal Ka Andha Raj, Mahengi Sabji, mehanga pyaj," marched towards Delhi Secretariat from party office.

Addressing the gathering, Chopra said that now onion was selling at over Rs 100 per kg, and both the Kejriwal,  BJP Governments were unmoved by the plight of the people. Chopra reminded the AAP and BJP Governments that the people of Delhi had thrown out the BJP Government out of Delhi in 1998 on the issue of rising onion prices. He appealed to the people of Delhi to vote out the AAP Government in Delhi which has woefully failed to control the prices of onions.

Chopra said that despite the farmers not getting proper prices for onions, hoarders have created an artificial shortage with the blessings of the BJP and AAP Governments though godowns are full of onions, to take the prices sky-high.

"The prices of not only onion but other vegetables and essential commodities have also soared without any check, as the Kejriwal Government has totally failed to rein-in in the hoarders and manipulators, and the poor people now find it very difficult to survive in Delhi," he said.

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