JUSCO School organises Summer Camp

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JUSCO School organises Summer Camp

Saturday, 14 May 2022 | PNS | Jamshedpur

 A total of 400 students explored their potential and expressed their creativity in an array of  activities designed by the junior & primary school teachers of JUSCO School South Park. The schoolPrincipal Mrs Mili Sinha said that such platforms offer the students opportunities to learn and

develop skills like Painting, Craftwork, Dance, Zumba and others.

Gurmeet Kaur , vice principal, Vijeta Panda, junior school coordinator, Tami Sikdar, senior school

coordinator coordinated with the teachers to organise the summer camp smoothly.

The students were exposed to a wide range of skills & activities which included Dance, Fork painting,

Fun games, Origami, Story telling, Life Skills, Balloon Volleyball, Paper plate craft, Vegetable printing,

Zumba, Best out of waste, Potli bag decoration, Yoga Dance, Popsicle Art and Fridge magnets.


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Tropic of cancer board in PTR attracts tourists


It is not only the state highway 9 and railway lines that cross through the tiger reserve Palamu. It is

the Tropic of Cancer that also passes through near the Aksi forest rest house under the Mahuadanr

range of the tiger reserve Palamu.

The state highway 9 and railway lines are visible and much in use, the tropic of cancer is invisible

neither on the ground nor in space.

Brinda Pandey, Ranger of Mahuadnr said under orders of the deputy director south division Mukesh

Kumar we have put up a billboard of the tropic of cancer in Hindi for over a year now, which is read

by the tourists with great sense of awe and amusement.

They stop, read and then look at the space looking for the tropic of cancer Pandey said quite


The Ranger said it was our deputy director south division Mukesh Kumar who came to learn that

Aksi holds geographical significance following this tropic of cancer and he then asked us to have this

roadside billboard telling every passerby 'You are on the Tropic of Cancer'. It is an instant bond with

the tourists, the ranger said.

The Tropic of cancer is an imaginary line. It is 23.50 degrees north of the Equator. It passes through

17 countries and India is one of them.

Eight states of India have this tropic of cancer. These are Rajasthan (Kalinjarh), Gujarat (Jasdan),

Madhya Pradesh (Shajapur), Chhattisgarh (Sonhat), Jharkhand (Lohardaga), West Bengal

(Krishnanagar), Tripura (Udaipur) and Mizoram(Champhi).

India has a river in Mahi which has a distinction of tropic of cancer cutting it twice. It cuts this river in

Madhya Pradesh and again in Gujarat.


The river Mahi originates from Madhya Pradesh and via Rajasthan ends up in Gujarat.

Deputy director south division of the tiger reserve Palamu Mukesh Kumar said we understand our

Mahuadnr range has not only wolf sanctuary and splendid waterfall. It has this tropic of cancer. It is

its added geographical beauty. Tourists love to refresh their knowledge of earth and sky.

Mukesh Kumar said when a tourist arrives he does not see only beautiful spots but loves to be

updated on the geology and geography of the place as well and this we have tried to tap to promote

tourism in Mahuadanr range with the help of the tropic of cancer.

A tourist Kedar Nath Sharma said we have nothing to gain right from the tropic of cancer but

nevertheless we feel that this imaginary line of the Equator passes through our land also and it

makes us feel proud of it.

Mukesh Kumar said we believe senior tourists must be telling their wards about the tropic of cancer.

A local rustic had this comment when he said one finds such billboards telling tourists about the

petrol pump or the toilet or the snack bar etc across the expressway or highway but when it comes

to the billboard for the tropic of cancer in the jungle one begins to question the merit of it.