Mubarik Khatri awarded with national award for excellence in Bagh Prints

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Mubarik Khatri awarded with national award for excellence in Bagh Prints

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Haji Mubarik Khatri was awarded with the National Handicrafts Award for the year 2017 in Delhi on Monday.

One of the Renowmed craftsmen of Bagh print is Haji Mubarik Khatri who has been continuously working in his traditional craft work for more than 35 years. Mubarik Khatri, the artist who gave new approach and style of the innovative Bagh print to the World. Mubarik Khatri is well known personality for his traditional folk art of Bagh Printing. One of the Prestigious award in India is the National Award given by the Government of India.

Union Textiles Minister Piyush Goyal honored him with a Tamra Patra (Momento), certificate as well as a cash prize of one lakh at the Special Ceremony for Award distribution held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. This honor has been given to him for his significant contribution and excellence in craftsmanship.

Haji Mubarik is the only craftsman to get National Award in Bagh Prints of Madhya Pradesh for the year 2017.Mubarik Khatri has mastered this craft as they admire there traditional Craft which he got in heritage from his Ancestors. It has always been creating many modern and Innovative patterns and engraved those designs on sarees and bed sheets.

He took Inspiration from Ancient paintings and sceneries from Bagh caves, and prepared wooden blocks which were then printed on the fabrics, which became very popular. In Respect of his Such Crafts development Practices, this National honor has been given to him. This traditional and ancestral printing art of Mubarik is known as Bagh print and is known over the world. This national award given to Khatri is the highest  Award of India, which is given to the selected masters of the country for their contribution and extraordinary works in the art of craftsmanship. And among them there is Haji Mubarik Khatri Saheb of Bagh.His tireless efforts for innovations and Craft development, the International Crafts Award was also given to him last month. This international honor was awarded to him in a special ceremony organized in Delhi.

Haji Mubarik has trained hundreds of people in this craft with his untiring efforts,In which his entire family i.e. his brother, his two sons Jiaulhak Khatri and Moinuddin Khatri are also continuously working, who themself are master craftsmans of this art.Mubarik Khatri has been working continuously for the last 35 years for the preservation and modernization of his ancestral craft since childhood and is working in efforts to bring the extinct ancient art to the new generation, shri Mubarik has trained many youths from scheduled castes and tribes in his workshop in Bagh and he is continuously Training and motivating them in this craft work.

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