You are not who you think you are

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You are not who you think you are

Sunday, 04 December 2022 | Srikumar Rao

You are not who you think you are

Number of business leaders interested in personal growth rising, says  ‘Happiness guru’ Srikumar Rao

The number of business leaders interested in personal growth is rising and they are those who can handle stress and anxiety that are increasing worldwide, says ‘happiness guru’ Srikumar S Rao.

The elite coach, who works with a select group of entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior executives, recently came out with a book “Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots”, in which he distills and condenses valuable life lessons, from ancient masters, sacred writings, and his own experience, into quick-to-read, easily digestible chapters.

“There are many lessons in the book and they derive from great masters who come from many different traditions and who lived in different times,” Rao says.

“The common themes are: You are not who you think you are – a lone individual struggling in a world that is indifferent to you. You are pure awareness and have power that you cannot conceive of.

“You do not live in a ‘real’ world. You live in a ‘construct’ you created with your mental chatter and mental models. If you don’t like any part of your life, you can deconstruct the parts you do not like and build it again. This is something you will do over and over,” he says.

According to Rao, it is “entirely possible to live a life where you are free of stress and radiantly alive every day. In fact, you are wasting your life if you do not feel this way”.

On leaders and self growth, he says, “Not all business leaders are interested in personal growth. But the number of those who are is increasing. These are the leaders who can handle the stress and anxiety that are increasing worldwide.” He also says that there are many entrepreneurs who are on a path of conscious growth.

“I will not name them because they have their ups and downs and fall down many times even as their overall trajectory is upward. An external observer can easily misinterpret the initiatives that did not work.” Rao believes that personal mastery gives people the ability to focus one-pointedly on any issue that they choose.

“Without the customary distraction of unbridled mental chatter, ideas spring up spontaneously. Entirely different perspectives emerge. Many possible solutions to your problem come to mind. This is what others would call creativity,” he says.

Rao, who has coached many CEOs in the world, thinks business leaders can make a quantum leap in their lives by gaining personal mastery.

“Business is not an end in itself. It is a vehicle for personal growth. Yes, you want to increase revenues and become more profitable. Yes, you would like your company to be known as one of the ‘best places’ to work in. You would like to be considered an exemplary boss,” he says.

Rao goes on to add: “But, as you try to achieve each of these ends, you are really working on yourself. If you sincerely hew to this intent, quantum leaps happen. You don’t have to try to achieve them.

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