An in-depth look at India's first organic company: Ambrosia Organic Farm.

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An in-depth look at India's first organic company: Ambrosia Organic Farm.

Thursday, 25 August 2022 | Agencies

An in-depth look at India's first organic company: Ambrosia Organic Farm.

Since many decades, Goa is famous for its beaches, mesmerising sunsets, parties and getaways with friends. But two extraordinary men have managed to transform Goa into an organic hub. Now, people come to Goa not just to enjoy the Goan life but also to indulge in the goodness of organic food. 

David Gower came to India in the 90s with his wife, Michaela Kelemen. Originally from the United Kingdom, the couple decided to settle and set up organic farming in Goa; mesmerised by the beauty and culture of India. In 1993, while David laid the foundation of Ambrosia Organic Farm, Janardan Khorate - today famous as Saladbaba - was putting his all into building himself and supporting his parents.

Janardan Khorate comes from a village in Goa. His family had to struggle for basic needs like hospitals and doctors. At 16, Janardan set upon a journey to build himself into a successful businessman and support his parents. Few years later, David and Janardan’s paths crossed, and history was created. David mentored Janardan in organic farming and gave the reins of Ambrosia Organic Farm to Janardan in 2008. Started in 1993 by a foreigner, Ambrosia is run by Indians now.

Together, David and Saladbaba made Ambrosia Organic Farm India’s first organic company and transformed Goa into an organic hub. In today’s time, Ambrosia Organic Farm is a recognised organic brand in Goa as well as overseas. After the handover, Saladbaba utilised his strategic thinking and gained plenty of recognition and accolades. Furthermore, Saladbaba became India’s youngest organic farmer and was recognised as Entrepreneur of the year in 2016. Other achievements of Saladbaba and Ambrosia Organic Farm including, Became India’s first rice cakes manufacturer in 2015, Ambrosia Organic Farm recognised as the 2017 Rising Brand of Asia, Saladbaba launched India’s first fruit-flavoured peanut butter production, Received Times of India’s Iconic Organic Food of the Year consecutively for three years

With the launch of organic fitness food, Saladbaba and Ambrosia Organic Farm became India’s first organic fitness food manufacturer in 2019. Fitness enthusiasts and gym lovers relish Ambrosia’s fitness organic food range and prefer the brand above others. IFBB Pro Sunit Jadhav is the brand ambassador of Ambrosia. It is supported by the Government of Goa and the local authorities as well.

Ambrosia Organic Farm reserves 20% of its profits for providing education to the farmer’s children. To empower farmers and give their families an enhanced life, Saladbaba takes many initiatives to empower the farmer community. Moreover, to show his Ambrosia Organic Farm’s support for farmers, he attached the tagline Save the farmers’.

Over time, with expertise and quality produce, Ambrosia Organic Farm has created goodwill and its brand identity across Goa and other parts of India. Today, there are several organic farms in Goa, but the people’s choice is produce and products manufactured at Ambrosia Organic Farm. Indeed, David Gower and Saladbaba brought the organic farming culture to Goa and have transformed Goa into an organic hub.

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