Taliban recruit women cadres to counter its anti-women image

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Taliban recruit women cadres to counter its anti-women image

Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Rakesh K Singh | New Delhi

The Taliban have recruited women cadres in its fold to raise a women's wing with the twin agenda of projecting itself as pro-women and countering its anti-women image through these women who have graduated from Quranic schools.

On Monday, as many as 31 women students participated in a graduation party after these students of Dar Al-Hifaz and Muflihun Quranic School in Kabul passed out from these schools.

Dar al-Hifaz and Muflihun School of Quran Education celebrated the first graduation of more than 30 female students of this school in the section of interpretation and translation of the Holy Quran in the presence of a number of Islamic scholars besides parents of the passing out students in Kabul.

Founder of Afghanistan Republican Salvation Front and counter terrorism analyst of Afghan origin, Dr Ajmal Sohail said, “The Taliban has decided to launch the women wing of the movement comprising graduates of the Quranic schools who would be  assigned to take part at the Ministry for promoting righteousness and preventing evil.”

The women graduates in Islamic interpretation will also counter feminism alongside promoting radical Islamic mindset in the Afghan society.

“The women wing of the Taliban will be assigned task to educate Taliban-inspired radical Islamists of Central Asia and Asia Pacific,” said Dr Sohail who is based in Germany.

The Taliban move to form a women wing is to expand the base of radical ideologies pursued by the outfit in Afghan and spread such mindsets in the region to create a pool of like minded Muslims in the entire region for gaining clout as well as legitimacy.The move is part of the larger project of the Barre Saghir movement being run by the Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent to rope in likeminded clerics and students to perpetuate the radical ideology of Taliban.

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