Spirituality turns life into a beautiful experienceQ

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Spirituality turns life into a beautiful experienceQ

Sunday, 04 December 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Spirituality turns life into a beautiful experienceQ

During a counselling a person in distress, he claimed: “Sir, I am spiritual. I have done advanced course in Vipasana and learnt dynamic meditation of Osho. I wish to become a healer. Recently I tried to heal someone I liked. Driven by the belief that my healing touch will help him overcome his negatives, I associated with him for quite long. I expected from him to appreciate my efforts and join hands with me as a life partner. But I miserably failed. Its emotional carryover has become burdensome.” Kindly guide.”

True, you do carry seeds of spirituality as would linkage of lagna (individual identity), 5th house (merits carried over from the past), and 9th house (translation of merits into fruits) mean. Your lagna lord Mars occupies the nakshatra owned by 9th lord Jupiter tenanted in the 5th house. But given the fact that you have been in emotional turmoil for so long, implies that your spiritual potential is yet to unfold. Otherwise, you would have had the awareness, strength, alertness, and wisdom necessary to deal with any unseemly situation intelligently, and with prudence and patience. It is pertinent to note that only when a congenial ground becomes available, and is nurtured well, that the seeds will progressively evolve into a fruit bearing plant.  It implies that your indwelling seeds of spirituality has been lying dormant thus far for want of a congenial ground.

The very belief that you can heal others is an illusionary perception, in fact, a reflection of your ahamkara. Healing does happen, but it must be a selfless exercise, which only a spiritually evolved person, who is in tune with cosmic consciousness could facilitate. Such persons don’t carry any sense of ego. They are charged with enriched positive energy, which is selflessly available to those around. But only those carrying strong urge to transform from within, have unquestioned faith in the master, and are receptive enough to absorb fresh learning, can be benefitted.  You cannot heal anybody and everybody, and that too with a sense of desire in mind.

“Can you see astrological indicators suggesting probable timeline when my spiritual potential will begin to unfold?” He asked. A look into finer coordinates of the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses – the cusp sub-lords - offer the answer. Lagna and 5th sub-lords are the Sun, tenanted in the nakshatra owned by Rahu, the 9th sub-lord. It further confirms the indication given above. The irony, however, is that Rahu, the one supposed to translated merits into fruits is posited in an emotionally driven sign Cancer coinciding with the 4th house. And Rahu is placed adverse to the Sun. It implies that it is only after going through emotional turmoil that your spiritual longing will find a way. So, what happened with you is your Karmic calling. Turn this into an opportunity. Even otherwise when you become miserable in life. All hopes are shattered, and your beliefs and perceptions do not have answer to your woes. Only then you are tempted to go beyond to find a lead. That is when your spiritual urges gain ground. This has been beautifully explained by none other than Osho while commenting on the first verse of Patanjali Yoga sutra: “Now the discipline of Yoga”. So, that ‘now’ moment has arrived in your life when you will be able to bring order within you (mind), is what the word discipline means. You are expected to have a feel to that effect during 2nd half of 2023 when Sun antardasha takes off during Mars major dasha. 

“Would it mean that all my effort to explore Vipasana and Dynamic meditation have gone waste?” He asked. All that you have done so far are just meditation techniques meant to prepare ground for taking a spiritual turn. It would have been intellectually exciting. But the real gains come, if these techniques are pursued under the guidance of a qualified Guru – not a teacher who just offers you with a method. The Guru will first lead you purify your mind with all its limitations as would the second verse of Patanjali, its main driving spirit mean: “Cessation of flirtations of mind”. You may then have the space necessary to absorb fresh learning. He then makes you explore truths of life – both eternal and the living realities - and offers you a lesson in how to keep the two in balance. He doesn’t lead you to an abstract utopian world, rather makes you practical. Your life may then turn into a beautiful experience.

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