Anil Gupta

Time to call Pakistan’s bluff

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

Enough has been written about political and diplomatic efforts to expose and isolate Pakistan. While considerable success has been achieved, more needs to be done to strangulate Islamabad economically The recent terrorist attack on a Border Security Force (BSF) Battalion headquarters in Srinagar has confirmed three things beyond doubt. First, in...

Rohingya refugees: A threat

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017 | Anil Gupta | in Edit

Jihadi links of the Rohingyas are now well established. Whatever be the outcome of the plea before the apex court, their exit is mandatory. The nation can ill afford to let the design of ISI succeed The Government has stated in unequivocal terms that Rohingya Muslims are illegal immigrants and will...

Soldiers losing money and status

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

The Armed Forces had hoped that the Seventh Pay Commission would correct past anomalies and bring the men in uniform at par with their civilian counterparts. This was not to be. Now, the Prime Minister must intervene and ensure just pay and stature for the military Ever since the Seventh Pay...

Nationalist, not religious, slogan

Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

The hue and cry over the chanting of ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ is unnecessary. It is a false controversy manufactured by pseudo-seculars who want to give a communal tinge to this patriotic slogan and score political brownie points The nation has been witnessing a strange debate on the issue of chanting...

The forgotten people of India

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

It is strange that the Government of India did not occupy the Gilgit-Baltistan area, despite the opportunity available during the final days of 1947-48 war. Even now, there has been no effort to reach out to the people of this region, who have been subjugated and exploited A recent video footage...

The dangerous mountain road

Thursday, 01 Oct 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

The Karakoram Highway in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir connects Abbottabad in Punjab to China’s Xinjiang Province. It has obvious implications for India's security. New Delhi must respond by re-asserting its control on the Gilgit-Baltistan region Karakoram Highway connects Abbottabad in Punjab (Pakistan) to Kashgar in the Xinjiang region of China across the Karakoram...

IS terror isn’t far away from India’s doorstep

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Edit

A ‘counter-radicalisation' strategy is not adequate to combat the threat of global jihad against India. It is vital for India to ensure that the IS is unable to spread its tentacles and influence in the Afghan-Pakistan region It has been widely reported in the American media that the Islamic State has...

Eyes in the sky see many things

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

Drones are considered to be just another means to deliver death on the battlefield. But, considering the tremendous cost-cutting and security benefits provided by them, the days of their commercial use are already upon us In a recent incident, Pakistan claimed to have shot down an Indian spy drone and also...

Cheating the jawans of their due

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

The Armed Forces have been the most disciplined organ of the Government ever since independence. But they are cheated by the bureaucrats, who love to play with the sentiments of the soldiers to ensure civilian supremacy A lot has been written and said about the one-rank-one-pension scheme. Yet, there is a...

Summer of discontent

Friday, 17 Apr 2015 | Anil Gupta | in Oped

Pakistan will use all tricks in the book to cause trouble in Kashmir and derail the new Government’s development plans The Jammu & Kashmir Government has set in motion the process of moving to the summer capital. The coming summer will witness a reversal of roles — the ruling partners of...


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