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Sandhya Jain is a political analyst and independent researcher. She is the author of ‘Adi Deo Arya Devata- A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface’ (Rupa & Co., 2004) and ‘Evangelical Intrusions. Tripura: A Case Study’ (Rupa & Co., 2009). 

Children of a lesser God?

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

The feeling that Hindu festivals are being selected and denuded of their joyous exuberance in the name of a higher good is widespread on social media The Supreme Court’s order of 9 October 2017, in Arjun Gopal and Others versus Union of India and Others (Writ Petition, Civil, No. 728 of...

The Great Game sears Pathan homeland

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Rajiv Dogra's book, Durand's Curse: A Line across the Pathan Heart, is a perceptive analysis of the adventurism that created the Afghan problem. It is a must read for scholars of South Asia Barring perhaps tiny Sri Lanka, the British empire amputated every non-Christian land that fell under its heel, causing...

Hollow cry of the dispossessed elite

Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Ramchandra Guha's contention that the Sangh Parivar is behind the premeditated murder of Gauri Lankesh suggests that the run-up to the 2019 election is going to be vicious, perhaps even bloody Blessed with an inflated sense of impunity, the all-India Lutyens’ brigade’s oracular intellectual, Ramachandra Guha, pompously declared after Kannada journalist...

Aadhaar, data security and breach of privacy

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

An RTI reply has punctured the UIDAI's assertion that no private entity had access to unencrypted Aadhaar data. While it is not clear who controls the data; certainly it is prone to misuse A Right to Information (RTI) application filed by Bengaluru-based Col Matthew Thomas, a petitioner in the right...

Monsanto's Roundup and risk of cancer

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Even as documents released against Monsanto have raised doubts about the safety of Roundup, in India, there have been developments that indicates the deep penetration of the corporates in policy-making institutions Although the Western media has largely ignored an on-going case against agricultural giant, Monsanto in Los Angeles (LA), California, for...

Sharif’s ouster: Democracy and CPEC weakened

Tuesday, 08 Aug 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

The ouster of an elected Prime Minister, while not surprising, further diminishes the quality of Islamabad’s fragile democracy. Most importantly, internal developments over there have cast a shadow over the CPEC Bowing to the military supremacy in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Supreme Court on July 28 disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding...

Learning history as fact, and not fiction

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Neeraj Atri and Munieshwer A Sagar’s book, Brainwashed Republic: India's Controlled Systemic Deracination, gives a profound insight into the deficiencies with history textbooks, and offers real solutions to rectify them As schools re-opened earlier this month, voices began to be raised about the quality of education being imparted to students in...

The fruition of bonds of hoary civilisational past

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

The India-Israel relationship is very giving one. Both nations have a number of issues to share in terms of security interests, farming and developmental agendas Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated his maiden visit to Israel with a lead article written jointly with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and published simultaneously in India...

Turmoil in the Gulf and the Persian interest

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

A resolution to the crisis is still possible as Riyadh and Doha have previously settled disputes through dialogue. Tehran hopes the rift will weaken the GCC and the US-Arab alliance With a sovereign wealth fund of $335 billion and a miniscule citizenry (12 per cent of 2.5 million residents), Qatar has...

Farmer cause real, violence political

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

It is undeniable that farmers may have genuine problems in repaying loans and deserve higher prices for produce. But the Congress' ability to stage mini-colour revolutions to derail its opponents is unparalleled The agility with which the Congress raises an uproar and/or takes to the streets to protest the alleged sins...


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