Sandhya Jain


Sandhya Jain is a political analyst and independent researcher. She is the author of ‘Adi Deo Arya Devata- A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface’ (Rupa & Co., 2004) and ‘Evangelical Intrusions. Tripura: A Case Study’ (Rupa & Co., 2009). 

New edginess amongst Baloch diaspora

Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Even as Pakistan alleges external involvement as an excuse to cover up its atrocities against the Baloch, targeted state action against them is assuming the form of a genocide that the international community cannot ignore After lurking at the edge of international consciousness for decades, with only the death or assassination...

Fight for justice or fishing expedition?

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

It is unfortunate that family members of Judge Loya are fuelling conspiracy theories while remaining in the shadows. Sadly, the apex court is giving credence to this mud-slinging exercise Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra has taken charge of the case of the allegedly mysterious death of Special Central Bureau of...

Koregaon: A new subaltern history

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

As the Bhima Koregaon violence has shown, we are witnessing the invention of a new subaltern history that will twist every episode of the past to help the Congress revive its political fortunes As there was advance information that an annual gathering at a memorial of the East India Company in...

A sorry tale of minorities in Jammu & Kashmir

Tuesday, 26 Dec 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

It defies reason why successive Governments at the Centre do not withhold Central schemes until Jammu & Kashmir enacts appropriate legislation for distribution of benefits to the minorities So alarming is the security situation in Jammu & Kashmir that after failing to hold elections to Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency for over...

Native seeds are key to food security

Tuesday, 12 Dec 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

For better agricultural performance, focus must be on inculcating better farming practices. Farmers must be encouraged to return to zero-budget farming, where they use their own desi seeds In recent years, enlightened Indian farmers have begun to rethink the suitability of farming practices that involve injecting poison into the earth via...

No redemption for Hindus in Kashmir

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017 | Sandhya Jain | Lucknow | in Edit

The Agenda of Alliance was seen as abject surrender by BJP supporters; Mehbooba Mufti still failed to control the situation in the State Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s inability to handle the deteriorating situation in Jammu and Kashmir, despite the virtual blank cheque offered by the Centre and her Bharatiya Janata Party...

Baloch abductions scorch Pakistan

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

In deference to its elevation to the UN Human Rights Council, Islamabad must pay heed to the issue of disappearance of Baloch people and ratify the ICPPED Days after being selected to the UN Human Rights Council on October 16, 2017, Pakistan suffered huge embarrassment when its growing crimes against the...

Sir Syed and India’s Islamic surgery

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Those celebrating Sir Syed Ahmad Khan must realise they are feting the lack of agency of the Muslim world and its continuing subordination Recently, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of Aligarh Muslim University (Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College), received fulsome tributes on his 200th birth anniversary. Khan was a devotee of British rule...

Children of a lesser God?

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

The feeling that Hindu festivals are being selected and denuded of their joyous exuberance in the name of a higher good is widespread on social media The Supreme Court’s order of 9 October 2017, in Arjun Gopal and Others versus Union of India and Others (Writ Petition, Civil, No. 728 of...

The Great Game sears Pathan homeland

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Rajiv Dogra's book, Durand's Curse: A Line across the Pathan Heart, is a perceptive analysis of the adventurism that created the Afghan problem. It is a must read for scholars of South Asia Barring perhaps tiny Sri Lanka, the British empire amputated every non-Christian land that fell under its heel, causing...


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