It’s time to recall Ambedkar’s advice

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

The Government has filed a review petition against the apex court’s judgement on SC/ST Act. Citizens must abandon the path of violence to put forth their grievances and let the judicial process take its course The nation observed Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14 around the time when there were disturbances in...

Zip it up

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

With partymen shooting their mouths off, Modi needs no enemies; not that he’s short of those either It has become an almost sickening occurrence everyday that a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, either an elected member of a legislature or a party official, says something unbelievably stupid that manages to...

Second coming

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Yechury's re-election may represent a last chance for the Marxists to reconnect with India So, after much huffing and puffing, the house has not been blown down. Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury got a second consecutive term as the head of the party at the 22nd congress...

In political mess, DMK invokes secession ideas

Monday, 23 Apr 2018 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

For the DMK, call for secession from the Indian Union is the mantra for its political revival. But the idea of Dravida Nadu is long past the glory it enjoyed under Ramaswamy Naicker From deciding to put up a joint front before the Finance Commission against successive reduction in their share...

Death is not the answer

Monday, 23 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Merits of death penalty aside, is adding to crimes eligible for capital punishment a cop out? Across the world there have been endless debates on the death penalty, whether it is correct or not for the state to deprive its own citizens of the right to life. This is a debate...

Timely review

Monday, 23 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Supreme Court has shown maturity in agreeing to revisit its own judgement on Section 498 A By agreeing to revisit its earlier judgment diluting certain provisions of the dowry abuse deterrent Section 498A, which statistics showed was being misused by some disgruntled women to seek vengeance against their husbands and in-laws...

Is Trump ready to nix Nikki?

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 | Finian Cunningham | in Edit

Relations between the US and Russia have sunk to treacherous levels. But if Trump wants to have a go at alleviating tensions with Russia, one thing is sure: Nikki Haley has to go The fiery US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, seems to have crossed swords with her boss...

Grammar of justice

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

India's Left-illiberal, communitarian cabal needs to be told justice is not an irregular verb Teachers at the better schools in India from the 1940s through till the 1990s spent a half-century teaching pupils English grammar and all its tortuous but nonetheless essential rules. When it came to irregular verbs, the most...

Diesel dilemma

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

With rising diesel prices and new emission norms, are small diesels on the way out? As fuel prices touch multi-year highs, one would have assumed that sales of diesel vehicles would also climb. After all, the same small car is far more economical on a per-kilometer basis running on diesel, than...

Gone with the wind, literally

Friday, 20 Apr 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

Wind energy, particularly offshore wind, provides growing promise across the globe. In terms of generating wind power as also manufacturing equipment, India has a lot of catching up to do A lesser known legal battle lost by US President Donald Trump in the UK Supreme Court in 2015 was on blocking...


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