'We help students simplify things'

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'We help students simplify things'

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | Parth Tayal

'We help students simplify things'

Gurinder Bhatti tells Parth Tayal how consultancy firms like theirs help students, who want to study abroad & how to choose the best possible options

What is the USP of ESS globalIJ

It is our high success rate. We help students simplify the things in the process of fulfilling their dreams to study abroad by giving them the best college according to their profile and also guide students to choose the right course.

How do you help student study abroadIJ

We help them in selecting course and give them the best college options. We also help them in arranging visas and avoid the chaos of travelling. Moreover, we provide awareness about the opportunities that are lying unattended, but which promise a great future.

What are some of the challenges consultancy firms faceIJ

The problem is the untrained staff which fails to satisfy the queries of the students, then there is huge competition in the market a lot of people have started their own consultancy firms irrespective of knowing anything about the process.

How do you recruit students to study abroadIJ

With the evolving of the world the methods of recruiting students has also evolved. Today is the world of digitisation and we do lot of digital marketing to guide the students for the career options available to them. Another important way of recruiting student is by organising international education seminars where the representatives from various international education institutions are called and they guide the students and tell them about USP of their institute as well as the country where students aspire to go for their further studies.

Once the student is abroad, does the consultancy firm provide assistance afterwards as wellIJ

We help the students in arranging the on shore applications and all the formalities that are required to stay in that particular for the job purpose, in Australia we  have joined hands with one of the company’s who takes care of our students application form and guides them through all process of recruitment.

Top five countries suited to pursue their higher education.

The US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany are some of the most preferred countries by the Indian students to study abroad because not only these are globally known for its quality of teaching, but also the visa norm are friendly. They also provide scholarships for bright students.

How should students studying in schools prepare themselves for their study abroad dreamIJ

Students should hold an excellent academic performance, behaviour and extracurricular activities definitely matter abroad. They should have  command over the language depending where they are going and therefore should clear the test regarding that. The most important thing is to be clear in what they want to pursue and so keeping that in mind they should prepare them for future.

What are some of the exams students should sit forIJ

Students should know the language of the country they are willing to study in, so it becomes mandatory to give language exams. Apart from that they should have good result of the previous degree they have achieved, as it gives them the preference over others.

What is the scope of consultancy industry in IndiaIJ

India is one of the biggest markets considering the education sector, each year there are crores of students that graduate, so definitely the scope for an education consultancy industry is enormous. By 2020 this consultancy market will go online and students will no longer need to some consultancy firm for advices, they can match the colleges according to their profile and apply all by themselves.

What are the shortcomings of universities and colleges in India that are met by the colleges abroadIJ

The colleges in India are not able to meet the wants of the youth. Having said that, there are some good institutions in our country but the seats are limited, which leaves no option but to study abroad as their institutions are globally known and also gives the kind of exposure that students require.

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