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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 | Agencies

Tata Motors has launched the Season-6 of Tata Delight Star Scholars under the Tata Delight loyalty program with a prize money of Rs 25,000. The company has also gone a step ahead and offered a special prize of 40 Tablets for women applicants based on their performance to encourage education for girl child.

This special programme is designed to make a meaningful contribution towards the upliftment of the trucking profession, constantly striving to reward, recognize and delight the commercial vehicles customer, making every interaction a rewarding one.

The programme over the last five editions has helped fulfill the dreams and aspirations of over 1,000 deserving children by ensuring that they receive adequate support to pursue their right to higher education. The company to date has granted scholarships to over 1,000 students, amounting to approx Rs 1.5 crores to all the beneficiaries.

The Fox International Fellowship is available for students of Yale University or from students of any of the exchange partner institutions in Fox International Fellowship network. Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply for scholarship.

Eligibility: The fellowship places a strong emphasis on communicative competence in the host country language(s) to truly engage colleagues and establish long term personal relationships with people from the Fox Partner University and the larger community of that University and the overall Fox alumni/ae network.

English language requirements: Candidates must demonstrate sufficient mastery of national or regional language skills relevant to their research projects as well as to thrive in the local and larger communities of the Fox Exchange partner university. For English-speaking countries with strong local or regional language bases, candidates with evidence of familiarity and interests in those languages, as relevant to their research and larger cultural engagement, may receive some competitive preference, like Hindi and or Gujarati. Students without these language skills are also welcome to apply.

How to apply: Submit application online through the Student Grants and Fellowships Database at Yale University. Application must have: Statement of interest, leadership statement, recent curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation.

Application deadline: The last date to apply is February 13, 2019.