Listen to skin’s call

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Listen to skin’s call

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 | Karan Ratti

Karan Ratti talks about how skin pigmentation is becoming a growing problem and shares ways how one can prevent it

Has your skin gotten overly dark or darker than normal from just a few areas especially on the face? You may have pigmentation. Pigmentation is the excess and uneven darkening of the skin leaving skin looking dirty and unhealthy. Dark spots, blemishes, acne marks, Dark Patches and even tanning that’s hard to get rid of are all different kinds of pigmentation.

Pigmentation can be very hard to get rid of. Skin whitening, lightening or fairness products don’t work for pigmentation. There are several new products out there for dark spots, blemishes, de-tanning and others, but they also often end up not working because they usually lack the scientific technology to address pigmentation at the root.

Even doctors are scratching their heads because steroids and hormones that they prescribe are not perfect solutions and have unhealthy side effects. So, they often end up performing expensive treatments like lasers and chemical peels to temporarily make the skin look brighter while prescribing sunscreens to prevent pigmentation flare ups. But lasers and chemical peels also have side effects like redness and sensitivity. If not done correctly they can even cause more pigmentation.

How to avoid skin pigmentation?

Best is to not get damaging treatments done like lasers and peeling, bleaching, scrubbing, facials or others, that can damage skin and cause pigmentation. Excessive sun exposure can also cause and make pigmentation worse. But how to get rid of it if you already have it? Fortunately, there are some newage brands that are embracing powerful scientific formulas to work at the root of the skin where pigmentation begins.

Of the few available around the world, one such brand is Melblok. Melblok has a patented technology that works on the over active melanin cells to help control their pigmentation for long terms results. The formulas of the day and night creams help to dislodge pigmentation from deep in the skin which then clears out as the deeper pigmented layers come up to the surface and shed out. Initial results are visible in 28 days (around one month) eventually helping make the skin clearer, brighter and more even toned.

What is pigmentation prone skin?

Have you ever felt like your skin gets tanned easily? Or get dark from some areas more than others? You may have pigmentation prone skin. Don’t worry, according to scientific research, over 85 per cent of the Indian population is prone to pigmentation regardless of gender. Living in a hot and humid country like India with newage problems like pollution, stress, hormonal changes, diabetes and others, make it even more easy for anyone to get pigmentation. If your parents or grandparents had pigmentation like spots, dark circles or skin darkening you may also have a genetic tendency to get pigmentation easily.

If you feel you have pigmentation prone skin then try investing in a good skin care system or brand that reduces and prevents pigmentation. Paying a slight premium for a good brand can go a long way in helping you get rid of pigmentation safely.

Regular products may not be made for your skin’s specific needs. Certain brands are showing the way by coming up with products that may help in the long run. This also leads to increased understanding and awareness about pigmentation prone skin among the public.

The writer is Chief Marketing Officer, Melblok; Founding CEO & CSO, Ratti Corporation

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