‘I try to live the character I play’

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‘I try to live the character I play’

Sunday, 28 July 2019 | MUSKAN BAKSHI

‘I try to live the character I play’

Supernatural is a popular genre. This is why a lot of actors are taking up roles in such shows. VIN RANA tells MUSKAN BAKSHI about the challenges of playing the character

What is your character about in Kawach Mahashivratri?

I play Kapil, an aggressive ghost. He has returned to take revenge by possessing his friend Angad’s (played by Namik Paul) body.

How tough is it to be a part of a supernatural show?

It’s not that tough. Whenever I play a character, I  try to live it. I don’t copy anyone. I try to put myself in the same situation as of my character and decide how I would have reacted in a situation. This makes it easy for me to play any role. I try to keep things natural.

You are doing two shows at the same time — Kumkum Bhagya and Kawach. How do you manage?

The production house — Balaji Telefilms is managing everything because the company is same for both the shows. It becomes hectic sometimes but it’s not that I have to shoot for both the shows everyday. Sometimes, I push myself. I shoot for Kumkum Bhagya from 7 am to 2 pm. From there I have to go to shoot for Kawach Mahashivratri till 10 pm. It is almost 15 hours of shooting, which is tedious but it is fine since I am young and can take the pressure and the stress. It’s time to prove myself, so there’s nothing to feel tired about. I enjoy my work.

How did acting happen with you?

I was a businessman. But, acting was on my cards since my childhood. One day, I got an offer to act through Facebook and that’s how I got into the industry. Then, I shifted to Mumbai and there is no looking back since then.

Why did you choose an epic — Mahabharat as a debut?

I didn’t choose it. Being a newcomer in the industry I didn’t have the liberty to pick and choose my projects. I did what I was offered. I went with the flow. Moreover, it was a big show. There’s no reason one can say ‘no’ to it. Today, whatever and wherever I am, I owe it to the show.

This is your second supernatural show. What attracted you to this genre?

Yes, this is the second time I am being a part of a supernatural show. But, the stories of both the shows are different. Stories of both the shows were good and appealing. This is why I said ‘yes’ to them.

What attracts people to supernatural shows?

The main thing is the story line. If the story is good then people get hooked to it. The other thing is the entertainment factor. 

Do you think such shows encourage superstition?

I come from Delhi and never in my life I have got to heard about superstitions or evil powers. Therefore, I have no personal experience of this as such. But, the motive of television is to entertain the audience and not to encourage anything. People like these kind of shows and that’s why makers are making them. Our audience is wise enough to make out the difference between what is right and wrong. They understand it is solely for entertainment purpose.

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