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Astrologers divided over next govt

| | Lucknow
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Astrologers divided over next govt

Monday, 20 May 2019 | PNS | Lucknow

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have not only baffled political pundits and pollsters due to the ‘silence’ maintained by voters all through the campaigning, even astrologers are divided on who would form the next government — the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance under the leadership of Narendra Modi or Congress-led United Progressive Alliance or a third front.

A prominent astrologer of Kanpur, KD Tripathi, said that there was 99.9 per cent possibility of NDA returning to power with Narendra Modi as the next prime minister.

“Till October 2018, the planetary positions were not good for Modi and therefore he was facing internal crisis. But after mid-November, the situation changed and winds started blowing in his favour. I had predicted in July last year that Modi will return as prime minister and I believe I will prove true,” he said.

Tripathi said that he was not sure whether the BJP would form government on its own but he was sure that NDA would form the government and Modi would get a second term as prime minister.

On the other hand, Dr SN Jha, lecturer at Astrology department of Lucknow University, predicted that Modi would not return to power this time.

“My prediction is that the Congress-led UPA will return to power. I cannot say whether Rahul Gandhi will be the next prime minister or not but I can surely predict that Modi will not be the prime minister anymore,” Dr Jha said.

He said the downslide of Modi started after 2016. “He (Modi) made many promises but failed to fulfil them. He even ignored the warning signals and neglected the holy Ganga. Now, the planetary positions are against Modi and so my prediction is that Congress will form the next government.

Another astrologer, Manindra Maharaj, predicted that the BJP will not get as many seats as it got in 2014 elections but the NDA will form the government and Narendra Modi will be the prime minister once again. 

“The BJP is suffering losses because the ministers have not worked as per the expectations of the masses. But Modi worked hard. His hard work and planetary positions will make him prime minister once again,” he predicted.

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