Beat the heat with a splash in pool

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Beat the heat with a splash in pool

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 | Parvinder Bhatia | Jamshedpur

Spending quality, fun-filled time with family and friends is anyone’s dream, and moreover with mercury soaring high what better place to hang out at a water park or swimming pool right here in Jamshedpur.

Apart from being the coolest solution to the heat, swimming pools are also a good option for a rigorous and fun workout.

 The swimming pools at G Town Club, United Club, Beldih Club and JRD Tata sports complex are abuzz with activities these days. In the last fortnight the strength of budding swimmers have increased manifold. Officials of the club informed that they are receiving anxious calls for admission.

On the other hand the city has also got its first wet park at the Jubilee Amusement park which already houses a dry park. With the old rides having lost their charm, a new water park, Splash Zone, is now pulling the crowds.

The Splash Zone Water Park has fun rides for visitors of all ages. It consists of a large pool of water with rainbow and wave slides, a rain dance floor, a small kiddies pool with aqua cycles, a multiple water play platform as well as a big tilting bucket, all with the aim of providing entertainment for families.

An instructor at United Club said that with the start of the summer season, pools are witnessing a heavy rush. Swimming coaching camps are mushrooming and every swimming pool in the city has something to offer to enthusiasts.

“People of our city are generally active and health-conscious. And while there are running clubs sprouting everywhere, it is horrible to workout in the gym or run in the summer. Automatically, the first thing that comes to mind is swimming,” said Druv Parikh, an active swimmer.

He adds that with the second the heat wave hitting the city, there is a huge flow of people booking batches. “In our city, you can swim anytime of the year, barring a few cold months. So, there is literally no excuse not to swim now.”

 “The response has been excellent this summer. By the beginning of May, the rush increased. In our club strokes like freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke are taught here under the watchful eyes of the coaches. Moreover the specially treated antiseptic water ensures that the swimmer’s complexion doesn’t get tanned,” said an in-charge of G Town Club.

He went on to add that Jamshedpur has a greater number of swimming pools than any other city in the State. It also has one of the finest pool infrastructures in Jharkhand.

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