Collection of poems by Bhatnagar to be released at Scindia School

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Collection of poems by Bhatnagar to be released at Scindia School

Thursday, 15 August 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A collection of poem Of Dreams and Mermaid by author Devendra Bhatnagar will be released on Thursday at Scindia School, Gwalior.

Its is a poem book which is written by Devendra Bhatnagar sharing his views and story about his childhood and the journey of common boy to a Sailor.

The Writer is also sharing different experiences as a sailor.

 Of Dreams and Mermaids is a meditative canvas of verses from the seas and shores. A roadside bench could be the hero in one and God Himself in another. A petal takes centre stage but then so does the City itself.

When one is humbled by a storm at sea, the answer in the other is sought through a lively easel. Without preaching, the poems gently guide you into realizing that the everyday is as precious and beautiful as the exotic and the adventurous. Some beautiful colour photography from around the world accompanies this very special book of verses.

Devendra Bhatnagar aka ‘Bhutto’ loves the written word. And loves this ‘new’ thing called WhatsApp. He also relishes early morning hours when the world sleeps, his dog CJ next to him, for penning thoughts that flow from his mind to this virtual window of the family WhatsApp group.

Bhutto is also the Managing Director of the leading health food company, Whole Foods India. He was a Captain in the Merchant Navy, sailed close to 27 years and has circumnavigated the world numerous times on the freighters. To all who know him, Devendra is the ‘rock’, the dependable source of strength, the pillar, the listener and the ever-reliable ‘Son, Father, Husband, Friend, Boss and also Bestest Friend to his beloved dogs’.

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