DU lifts language barrier for aspirants

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DU lifts language barrier for aspirants

Saturday, 25 May 2019 | GAYATHRI MANI | NEW DELHI

In a major decision aimed at helping the students particularly for the candidate with regional languages in getting admissions into colleges of Delhi University (DU), the varsity administrations has decided to allow students with regional languages as optional/elective subjects can calculate best of four percentage. It would help them in further integration with the colleges of DU.

The language are included in List A- Assamese, Gujarati, Maithili, Oriya, Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Bodo, Kannada, Manipuri, Dogri, Kashmiri  and Sindhi. These subjects can now be used as both elective and core subjects. The Standing Committee of the DU has approved the languages and created a separate List this year as List A and B. The List- A is for the languages while List- B is for the elective subjects.

Also, this was one of the long standing demands of the regional states and students to give equal weightage and include the listed languages in this category. “The varsity administration and the standing committee has decided and approved more than 10 recognised regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Manipuri, Malayalam, Dogri, Maithili to name a few as a listed languages which be awarded equal marks and considered as elective subject while calculating the best of four subjects:, said a DU official.

To meet the percentage and get admission to a particular course and honors, till now, the student had to calculate the percentage by selecting best of four subjects. For instance, a student applying for any BA/B Com Honors or programme course (English,Hindi or commerce), have to choose three main subject and one elective language to calculate the marks in which the students can only use English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and Persian.  Besides, with no option, students included any other language from the listed language, 2.5 marks were deducted in the overall percentage because of which many students failed to meet the cut off percentage.

“This was one of biggest demand of the students and this matter had always risen in the committee. By approving and including these languages in the list of elective subjects, the varsity has done justice to the students especially coming from the regional states. These are the mother tongue (languages) of many students coming from Manipur, Tamil Nadu ,Kerala, Kashmir and other state who score good percentage in the subject. But till last year the high percentage and marks went wasted and many students literally complained and felt bad for not including these languages,” said Ramananda Singh, Former member of Academic Council, DU. The draft policy for the admissions 2019-20 is also finalized and drafted and is expected to be out by the beginning of next week. 

Further, as per the draft policy, a copy of which is with The Pioneer, while calculating the best of marks, the students can use the language as both elective and core but the in the mark sheet it should be written core and electives should along with particular language.  

How marks will be calculated

For example if the student is applying English honors, an aggregate of 55% marks or more in English and combination of three best other subjects from among the following: any language subjects (core/elective) from List-A, Economics, Geography, History, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.”

If s/he inclusion of any other subject from List B in the combination of best three will lead to a deduction of 1% per subject on the aggregate, with a maximum net deduction of 2%.

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