Govt rejects ganja cultivation proposal

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Govt rejects ganja cultivation proposal

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

Cultivation of cannabis would continue to remain illegal as the State Government did not give permission for it, informed Excise Secretary Sushil Lohani after a meeting held on the issue at the Lok Seva Bhavan here on Tuesday. Lohani told reporters that even as several industrial companies had sought permission for cultivation of ganja in the State due to its medicinal values, the Law Department has rejected the proposal.

“Various industries had repeatedly proposed to the Excise Department to supply ganja or grant permission for cultivation of this narcotic item for manufacturing of medicines. We referred it to the Law Department asking as to whether this can be permitted. Based on the present rule and the Law Department’s opinion, we rejected the proposal,” said the Excise Secretary.

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