Rajnath promises ‘pucca’ house for all by end of 2022

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Rajnath promises ‘pucca’ house for all by end of 2022

Monday, 02 December 2019 | Parvinder Bhatia | Jamshedpur

Reassures grand Ram temple in Ayodhya

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said it has become evident after the first phase of polling in Jharkhand that the BJP will form the Government in the State with full majority. During a public meeting in Adityapur he said that no one can raise finger on our Chief Minister or Prime Minister.

The senior BJP leader addressed the people for garnering their support for the victory of party’s Seraikela candidate Ganesh Mahali.

The rally was held at Kalaniketan Maidan along the Road No 32 in Adityapur, where over 5,000 people, including a large number of women attended it.

The Defence Minister dealt on the issues like providing basic facilities to the people, infrastructure development, NRC and corruption. He also referred to the achievements made by the Centre in revoking Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir, Ram janambhoomi and triple talak.

He asserted that it is not a priority for the BJP to form Government in the Centre or any State, but giving a better shape to the country has all along been its purpose.

“Though I will not claim that every house has been connected with electricity and each household has a pucca house equipped with a toilet, you can’t disagree that majority of the people have been provided with these basic facilities. We are hopeful that by the end of 2022 all people will have a pucca house and own toilet,” said the senior BJP leader.

He said it is not that the step of giving pucca houses was taken by the NDA Government at the Centre for the first time.

Speaking on the Ram janambhoomi, Singh said, “The Opposition would earlier criticise the BJP that Ram janambhoomi used to be the party’s patent pole promise, but it has stopped criticising as we have not only regained the holy plot of land, but are also going to make a grand Ram temple on it.

At one point of time, the Defence Minister said “not that everyone in the BJP Government is fair and spotless, but it is for certain that if anyone is proved to be indulged in corruption, then there will be no place in the Government for him.”

The Defence Minister made the audience recall that Mahali had contested from the same Seraikela seat, but was defeated by a marginal vote of about 1,100 votes. He called upon the audience to ensure Mahali’s victory by a huge margin.

Singh said the BJP Government is constructing houses, providing toilets, providing electricity and also ensuring easy supply of gas cylinders. The BJP Government has resolved to provide houses to every individual by 2022. Singh said Atal Bihari

Vajpayee connected village to village by road and now our Government has arranged `1 lakh crore for development. We will connect every town in India with a road. Until infrastructure is developed, we cannot take the country to a height where we want to take it.

Speaking on the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, the Union Minister said, “We are going to build a grand temple of Lord Ram at the birthplace of Ramlalla, as promised by us in every manifesto.” He added, “Some parties used to mock us on this promise, but now no one can stop us from building the temple.”

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