Internships can help

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Internships can help

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 | Karan Chhabra

Companies like to hire those who have interned. Karan Chhabra tells you how internships can give graduates an edge

Internship programmes are a great way for graduates to learn how organisations work in practice. While graduates have a lot of theory under their belts, internship programmes help them translate it into practical knowledge. Internships also present them the opportunity to network with industry peers; often, this very networking results in a full-time job. In fact, an internship is widely regarded as the first step towards working full-time with an organisation.

Here are some ways in which an internship benefits graduates.

Experience first-hand knowledge: Theory and practice are two very different things. What is possible theoretically often fails in practice and vice versa. However, that is not the case when students become interns; it is only then that they are able to translate learnings into practice.

Student have a world of theory under their belt. By joining a company, they will understand how knowledge gained in a university will be applied at a workplace. They will also gauge the workings of an organisation. Interns can test the dynamics of an office environment to understand the kind of people they will work with in the future. They will understand what types of skills they will need to excel professionally. Back in college, they can think over their experience and determine what they need to become successful leaders.

The necessity of a network: Networking plays a huge role in building a successful career. It is fair to say that there is nothing more crucial. Those who learn how to network arm themselves with contacts that will helpful in the future. 

Without a secure network, even the most gifted professionals will struggle in their careers. With the help of a reliable system, even an average employee can reach the upper echelons of an industry. After a point in a person’s career, the right mix of talent and network is required to achieve success.

Learn leadership skills: Having excellent leadership skills is almost a prerequisite for success in any domain. In fact, every company needs a good leader. Achieving goals and driving large teams is impossible without excellent leadership skills.

During an internship, graduates get the chance to see leadership in action. They see first-hand the qualities of great leaders. An intern is usually part of a team and is expected to learn and contribute to the collective efforts. They are exceptionally well-poised to gain because they are young and adaptable. By observing the actions of leaders, interns learn how to manage team dynamics. 

Build a résumé and improve skills: When it is time to look for a full-time job, where one interned becomes vital. Organisations like to hire people who have interned in leading organisations.

An intern has the advantage of adding the name of the company where they interned to their résumé. They also get to add to their CV the kinds of jobs they did and what they learnt. Recruiters look for those who have demonstrated their effectiveness in internships.

The writer is CEO, Servetel

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