Uddhav assures solution for migrants soon

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Uddhav assures solution for migrants soon

Monday, 20 April 2020 | TN RAGHUNATHA | Mumbai

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday assured the migrant labourers settled in the State that he was in touch with the Centre and he was confident that in the next few days, some solution would be found for their problems. 

As part of the address to the people in the state through social media, Uddhav said: “The migrants living in the State are in a mood to co-operate with the State Government. They have quietened down now. I would like to tell them once again that we are holding talks with the Union government. I am confident that in the next few days, we will find a way out of the current situation”

“Please don’t worry at all. In Maharashtra, we are slowly starting the activities. If possible, I request you to come back to work. You can continue to earn living. The day the situation returns to normal, I assure that the Maharashtra government will ensure that you will return to your native places. What we want is that whenever you go, you go back happily to your home. Don’t go back in fear,” the Chief Minister told the migrant labourers. Uddhav went to tell the migrant labourers: “You tell your family members that the Maharashtra government is taking care of well. Don’t unnecessarily think about our welfare.

The government there will take care of your needs there. Please take care of your. It is only matter of few days. I am confident that our happy days will return. With these words, I would like to thank all of you”.

The chief minister’s words to the migrants should be seen in the light of the unrest seen among the migrant workers across the state in recent weeks and the assembly of huge crowds witnessed in front of the Bandra railway station in north-west Mumbai on the evening April 14, hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of lockdown till May 3.

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