Corona +ve American came into contact with many in Doon

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Corona +ve American came into contact with many in Doon

Wednesday, 25 March 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

The 49 year old American who was found positive for the COVID-19 on Monday had came into contact with many during his stay in Dehradun. The American is a businessman and deals in drones. Last week he had gone to the office of Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) located at the IT Park and given a demonstration on drones. With him being found positive for the disease, fear gripped the ITDA officials who had come into contact with the American. Many officers and employees of the ITDA have gone on quarantine and remaining have been directed to work from home. The Director of ITDA, Amit Sinha told The Pioneer that 15 officers and employees of the ITDA have came into contact with the American and all of them have gone on quarantine. On Tuesday entire campus of ITDA was sanitised by the administration. From here the services like CM Helpline and CM dashboard are being operated.

The American arrived in Dehradun on March 15 and was admitted in the government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital on March 21 with symptoms of the disease. On Monday, the report of his sample was declared positive by the laboratory of Haldwani medical college.

Meanwhile the health department informed that it received reports of 22 samples from Government Medical College Haldwani on Tuesday and all of them were negative.

The authorities have set up 48 quarantine facilities with a capacity to keep 1384 patients in the state for suspected patients of COVID-19.

A total of 1284 people in the state have been kept in home quarantine and 10 are kept in isolation.

The health department has also decided to suspend the OPD services in the government medical colleges of the state. The secretary medical health and family welfare, Nitesh Jha has directed to shift the women and child care services from GDMC hospital to Gandhi centenary eye hospital. The GDMC hospital would have only the OPD for flu and COVID-19.

 The administration has also decided to take over two hotels near the GDMC hospital for the stay of doctors and other staff members involved in treatment of COVID-19 patients. The district magistrate of Dehradun has been directed to earmark a hotel in Dehradun where the suspected patients of the disease can be kept in isolation. Here the suspected patients would have to pay for their stay (Isolation).

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