Fighting Covid-19: TMH initiates sample pool technology for testing

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Fighting Covid-19: TMH initiates sample pool technology for testing

Monday, 25 May 2020 | PNS | Jamshedpur

Tata Main Hospital (TMH) over the last one month, has conducted 1650 Real-time Reverse Transcription–Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). diagnostic test for COVID-19. In view of the increased demand for testing as a result of migrant workers reaching Jamshedpur, TMH has initiated sample pool technology for RT-PCR testing as per the ICMR guidelines. The pooled testing technology involves the PCR screening of a specimen pool comprising multiple individual patient specimens, followed by individual testing only if a pool screens positive. As on date, there are 19 COVID positive cases admitted in TMH and the medical condition of all the patients is stable.

“ COVID-19 has brought communities closer in ways more than one. Under Tata Steel Foundation’s (TSFRs s) ten-point Combat COVID19 programme, this proximity is strengthened through the ongoing programmes including meal distribution, aligning farmers to households, and bridging communication gaps within communities, to name a few,” said an official.

In the last 54 days, TSF has reached out to 4.46 lakh people in 24 states. About 25 lakh meals have been distributed since the beginning of the first lockdown which started on March 25, 2020. TSF has reached out to 9500 migrant workers across the country in the last couple of months. 1000 people have been identified for cash for work programme for short term income creation.

TSF has engaged with alumni members of the Tribal Leadership Programme to try and understand the situation of migrant workers returning to East Singhbhum district and the various issues being faced through its programme called Hope Springs. The team has been providing a kit having essential items to the migrant workers crossing NH-33 to ease out their journey to hometown. With the help of the district administration, TSF is linking the migrant workers to the MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) scheme for livelihoods. 1000 such workers have been identified for such programme. The health concerns of people in rural areas are being addressed by Tata Steel and 5750 patients were reached out to by the team during the lockdown period in the peripheral rural areas of Jamshedpur.

Tata Steel, leveraging radio and print media, is creating awareness in the community on commitment to 4S - Safety with mask, Social distancing, Self-hygiene and Sanitisation. The intent is to propagate and reinforce the message that anyone travelling to Jamshedpur from any other district/state/country should first report to the COVID-19 screening facility available at MGM or TMH hospital directly upon arrival. The family members should not receive the individual(s) at the railway station and the individual(s) must not interact with anyone till declared medically safe. Meeting family members before the traveller is screened puts everyone at serious risk of corona infection.

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