Jaunsar Mahotsav enthralls with a mix of culture & history

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Jaunsar Mahotsav enthralls with a mix of culture & history

Monday, 10 February 2020 | PNS | Dehradun

The Jaunsar Mahotsav on Sunday witnessed an entertaining and interesting mix of tradition, history and culture of the Jaunsar-Bawar region.

The chief guest, State’s Culture and Tourism minister Satpal Maharaj, special guests former director general of Indian Coast Guard and chairman of the Uttarakhand disaster management advisory committee Rajendra Singh Tomar and former ADG of Indian Coast Guard Kriparam Nautiyal among others appreciated the event for the opportunity it had provided to elicit focus on the culture of the region while enabling members of the community to exchange views.

The event began with Mahasu Vandana which was followed by Harul Nritya and Jhenta by folk singer of Jaunsar-Bawar region Arvind Rana. Rana explained that Harul Banko Jaunsar is a dance which is performed by both men and women together on sacred occasions whereas Jhenta is performed only by women to celebrate on special occasions. Child artists Daksh Chauhan and Vedansh also showcased their talent by singing Jaunsari folk songs.

Representing the significance of agriculture in the Jaunsar culture, Sri Mahasu Lok Kala Kendra Dal led by Akash Verma performed the folk dance Jimdar followed by a performance by folk singer Sitara Verma.

Soon after, the famous folk singer Vicky Chauhan from Himachal Pradesh got the crowds to dance to many of his hit songs including ‘Jhumke Jhumke’ and ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’ among others.

During the performance, Chauhan said that in his career of about 15 years, he never wore any traditional dress while performing on stage but by wearing the traditional Jaunsari attire in this event he felt more connected to tradition and culture. Chauhan interacted with the audience during his performance, also participating in traditional folk dances along with the crow while singing folk songs.

Hathi Nritya, one of the anticipated performances of the event presented by the group of noted folk artist Nand Lal Bharti was also performed at the Jaunsar Mahotsav.

Talking about the history behind Hathi Nritya, Bharti said that Hathi Nritya is performed specially in the occasion of Diwali. When people heard about lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after his exile, people celebrated by dancing with an elephant made out of wood, since elephants are not found in the mountainous regions like Jaunsar-Bawar. Since then, it is an integral part of Jaunsari culture and the person who is the head of the village sits over the wooden elephant.

This performance was followed by singer Abhinav Chauhan who sang his own song ‘Kodo ka Kodua’ . Artistes from Pauranic Lok Kala Manch Lohari Lokhandi performed the folk dance Gundiya Rasu and Harin Nritya. Talking about the performance, Kundan Chauhan, the head of the group said that Gundiya Rasu is a sword dance that also shows the glimpses of Chakravyuh from Mahabharata. Historically it is performed after the victory in a war, but now it is performed on special occasions. Besides, Harin was an avatar of the lord Mahasu Maharaj, so it is performed in his honour.

One of the last folk performances was Pandav Nritya by the team of Bhajan Verma. He said that Pandav Nritya is based on the incident when Lakshagrah was burnt down, seven ‘Bilrishi’ who were brothers who actually constructed Lakshagrah palace died there by accident so it is said that they cursed Kauravs.

When Pandav Nritya is performed, the souls of those Bilrishi and Pandavas come and bless the people.

The event concluded with a second round of performance by Vicky Chauhan.

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