Males more prone to coronavirus

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Males more prone to coronavirus

Thursday, 23 April 2020 | PNS | Lucknow

With COVID-19 cases peaking in Uttar Pradesh, the government has come up with a survey which suggests that males are more prone to coronavirus infection than members of the fairer sex.
Principal Secretary (Health) Amit Mohan Prasad said that of the 1,412 coronavirus positive cases reported till April 22 in UP, 78.80 per cent were males while the rest 21.2 per cent were females.
Prasad said that 19.51 per cent cases were found in 0-20 year age group that included 15.48 per cent boys and 4.03 per cent girls. Similarly, he said, 47.49 per cent people were infected in 21-40 year age group among which 37.03 per cent were males and 10.46 percent females.
Besides, he said, 24.66 per cent infected people were in the 41-60 age group, of which 19.01 per cent were men and 5.65 per cent women. 
“People over 60 years of age account for 8.3 per cent cases among whom males constitute 7.28 percent and females 1.06 per cent,” he said.
Experts attribute a number of factors working against men — their lifestyle, drinking habits, biological reasons and even immune system.
“It is no secret that women have greater ability to fight infections than men and the reason could be the estrogen hormone. This hormone seems to be the key and therefore baby girls are more likely to reach their first birthday than boys,” says Dr SK Pandey from RML Institute of Medical Science, Lucknow.
The doctor said that women also produced stronger immune responses for vaccinations which could be the reason that even in 0-20 year age group, it is the males who are more vulnerable to this disease.
“In a higher age group, one can argue that as male goes out and does all errands, he is more susceptible. But figures in 0-20 age group proves the inherent biological superiority of females over males in keeping infections at bay,” Dr Pandey said.

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