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Wednesday, 07 April 2021 | Pioneer

Amp up learning experience

Making online classes easier, and fulfilling and also creating a rich learning environment, the simplest of innovations are creating a world of difference in the study desk. Here’s a list of gadgets that can help you amp up your game to set up your study desk.

Keeping laptop cool: While attending classes from 9 am, it's normal for the laptop to get heated. We have got you covered by Zinq Cool Slate. It has five fans, the four outer large fans and then the center wind fan. It can also be used as a laptop stand providing you with the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and typing.This is a perfect companion for long classes on laptop to keep it cool. 

See through Clearly: Logitech Webcam makes video calling seamless, compatible with PC, Mac and ChromeOS platforms.

Uninterrupted Internet: For online classes we all need high speed and uninterrupted Internet. But the light can go off anytime so Zinq UPS ensures to keep all your activities un-interrupted and gives you absolute freedom from power cuts.

Extending connections with computer or laptop: With so many devices we might need something that helps to extend your USB connection to your computer. It is a must have for high performance.

For convenience: Convenience is the first thing when it comes to buying any gadget. ZinQ  has a durable body with each key having at least 10 million clicks of lifespan. You can use a mouse for gaming as well as enhancing your productivity. A convenient scroller has been provided to help you scroll with absolute smoothness and less difficulty.

Algorithms for IC engines

The Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, researchers, along with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore, have developed algorithms to predict the functioning of vehicular Internal Combustion (IC) engines so that their operation can be optimised and fuel efficiency maximised with minimum emission.

The IC engine fuelled by petrol and diesel, powers 99.8 per cent of global transport and, in doing so, generates about 10 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternatives including battery electric vehicles and other fuels like biofuels and hydrogen are slowly gaining ground. As of now, they are often used in conjunction with conventional IC engines. It is imperative that IC engine designs are optimised in order to ensure minimal emissions over the entire lifespan of the engine.

National coding challenge

Scaler has announced the launch of the first edition of CodeX, a national-level coding challenge for technology professionals and aspirants.

The challenge aims at provide a platform for participants to learn and improve their coding skills and getting a chance to win cash prizes, scholarships and counselling from top industry mentors.

Additionally, top performers’ profiles shall be shared with Scaler’s industry partners for recruitment.

It is a two-and-a-half-hour long challenge scheduled to start from April 9, 2021. It is open to all coding enthusiasts and has two modes — CodeX Competitive Mode and CodeX Learning Mode.

All participants will be provided with personalised performance reports and can avail counselling sessions to help think through accelerating their careers. Additionally, top performers also stand a chance to win cash rewards and scholarships worth over 70 lakh, along with direct access to the Scaler Academy programme.

To enhance woman participation there is an exclusive opportunity, to participate in fireside chats with inspiring women technocrats and interact with them on managing expectations, breaking the glass ceiling and building a career in tech. Top performers will get the opportunity to be mentored by women leaders.

More information and registration details can be accessed through the following URL:

Preparation Courses for CFA, CA

Edulyte has introduced online coaching for both CA and CFA. Classes are online so participants will save time and money. According to the founder, Edulyte, Gajendra Jaiswal: “In the post-pandemic era, with new initiatives like new regulations, bank recapitalisation and 49 per cent FDI through automatic routes apart from innovation and growing penetration, there would be higher demand for finance professionals. Many new-age and traditional companies would require expert financial services to guide them through market demands.”

Candidates will learn about the concepts, their uses, benefits and applications in the real world. Learn from the official study materials, review materials and mock exams. Each candidate gets one-on-one attention and personalised instructions.

Laptop initiative for the girl child

In the wake of promoting the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign and building a Digital India, HKBK College of Engineering, in association with Round Table India, has taken an initiative to empower the girls studying at various Government schools in the Bengaluru and distribute 500 laptops, with 10 laptops as a pilot project.

The aim is to fill the digital gap. They’ll educate the students and will give them access to professional training over the time as part of the programme to empower them to find their path by educating themselves in every way possible. Digital India is stepping towards building a self-sufficient country, and laptop distribution and professional training will help make a difference.

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