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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 | VIVEK K SINGH

The world today is totally different than what it used to be a year ago, COVID-19 has scraped away our nation and the world. The concern of the business owners is to keep everyone safe be it colleagues, family and friends. To focus on everything at once is burdensome to manage therefore the owner split work among employees for the smooth functioning of their organisation. Despite the pandemic, many organisations continue to make an expressive contribution to society, all this was possible because of their employees. The fight against COVID-19 can not be accelerated without human assets. The best thing that can be done by leaders is to lean in, empathise with their employees, listen to them, communicate frequently, be flexible and supportive.

Many employees are now working remotely. In many organisations the work of three people is being done by a single employee. Apart from this, working from home greatly impacts the to-do list of workers. They are doing their job, their childcare worker's job, their cook's job, the job of their children's teacher and many more. Yet they are being unnoticed by the employer, it is the high time to refurbish the notion of an ideal worker.

While some are working remotely, some have started going to workplaces. Coming to office during pandemic is a tuff grind, they are not only risking their lives but also the lives of their family members.

It's high time to work together to ensure that the silver lining of this massive and terrifying pandemic is a new understanding of the worker as someone who is creative, concentrated, and committed -but who must still balance work commitments with caring responsibilities.

Stress shooting up: Jobs of many have been lost and work pressure on many has been increased greatly. New standards of operating have been implemented to protect the health of the employees. Several organisations have temporarily moved the location of their workforces, from offices to homes. This slows down the risk of propagation of the virus. Drastic changes have been observed everywhere in the world.

Employees: An Immensely Valuable Asset: There is no denial of the fact that human beings are the most prominent asset for any organisation. In a competitive world, it is only the human asset that contrasts an organisation from its competitors, not a tangible or fixed asset. Human resource or human asset being the most powerful asset distinguishes the knowledge economy of any organisation from others.

When an employee leaves an organisation he could be replaced physically but his knowledge and skills can not be fully replaced, a different skill set is possessed by every individual. Business decision makers are aware of the fact that the skill set of employees constitute more than 80% of an organisation's asset. The talent and efficiency of an employee sways the growth and pace of the organisation. Therefore enhancing employee's performance and efficiency becomes the major priority for any organisation. The other crucial assets like brands, trademarks, R& , intellectual property, patents and copyrights are essentially contributed by human assets therefore they are the most vital patrons towards the organisation.

Appraisal at workplace: Being the major contributor for growth and profit of any organisation, employees need to be praised. Their irreplaceable efforts can not be contrasted with any monetary value as such but incentives and appraisals can motivate them to perform better day by day. Their tremendous efforts result in magnificent consumer reviews and creating brand image. Prioritising employees could be the need of the hour.

The writer is Vivek K Singh, co-founder-CEO, Careerera

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