JEE Exam Stress - How to Overcome Exam Phobia?

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JEE Exam Stress - How to Overcome Exam Phobia?

Thursday, 26 August 2021 | Agencies

JEE Exam Stress - How to Overcome Exam Phobia?

In today’s era, competition in education is very high and to prove the worthiness, students are attempting more exams in order to excel. The number of exams is increasing and is getting more difficult day by day. The students are worried to an extreme level during and also before the exam. However, while attempting the JEE examination the anxiety takes a jump which needs to be controlled by every candidate by a peaceful approach and strategized tactics discussed in this article.

Overcoming Anxiety

When a student hears the word “exam” he gets fear, tension and anxiety. It is very important to overcome the tension during exams, especially when you are attempting the JEE exam. As the competition in the current generation is very hard even the toppers have anxiety problems along with other students. Even though the toppers have the ability to be prepared very well for the top exams like JEE Main, NEET, BITSAT etc. even they feel tedious during the approaching exam hours. So, this issue is not concerned with average or poor students, this issue is with all the students. There are few methods where a JEE student can make use of it during the examination in order to overcome this anxiety issue.

Be Confident

The worry for competitive exams can pull the strings of your skills and personality very badly. Feeling low during the time of JEE examination can be a threat to your focused mind which is much needed then. If you are in this situation you might forget the topics you have prepared. If students get questions with a few twists they get confused and tend to score low marks. Often, the stress level makes one feel that the question asked in the question paper is out of Syllabus. This is a common practice among students but with few techniques they can easily overcome this haunting situation. The first thing you have to do is to close your eyes and relax. This helps to reduce your anxiety and helps you to remember everything you have studied. If you still feel nervous, take a short break for a minute, relax and start to write the examination.

Take Time for Relaxation

Stay calm and composed when you don’t know how to answer a particular question. Slowly breathe in and out for a minute and try to answer the easiest questions first. Time management is more important in the JEE examination. The reason why you should relax is, if you attempt any questions with anxiety you will tend to lose time and there is a high chance of getting the answers wrong. So, in order to overcome this situation, the best method is to relax. It will definitely make your mind stable and allow you to think clearly. Start answering the easier questions at first and then go with the difficult ones. This practice will get you to the flow of attempting all the questions completely.

The third technique is trying to remember the study environment where you studied and the situation when you studied a specific topic, this will easily help you to remember the topic you prepared.

Carry a Water Bottle to the Examination Hall

Always stick to the basic habit of carrying a water bottle to the examination centre, it is a good thing to keep your brain hydrated which in return helps you during the examination. Whenever your mind is filled with fear or anxiety during the examination just hold for a minute and drink water, it will surely help you continue answering the questions better. By following this method your mind will get refreshed and it starts to work rapidly. You would get a new positive perspective to deal with the problems you’re stuck with. The questions which you felt were hard and confusing will appear solvable since your body will feel much relaxed.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

This is one of the most important tips to students who are aiming to score high marks in the JEE examination. Students should not have negative connotations like will I pass or fail, will I be able to solve this question, etc. Never lose confidence and be on your track with the “I can do it” policy. Every student is requested to stay confident and positive at the time of examination, this highly overpowers the strain level. Most importantly avoid people who are negative in nature with bad thoughts or those who procrastinate things and complain about the future, even if they have attempted or appeared for the JEE exam and trying to guide you wrong.

However, hard preparation before the exams and doing a thorough revision will seamlessly help in fighting anxiety at the time of JEE examination. Make sure that you have no pending topics and check whether you have studied all the portions by covering all the important topics, concepts, sample papers and complete revision from your textbooks and notes. So, when you are well prepared with your portions you won’t feel nervous when you enter the examination hall.

Going to bed early, reducing your entertainment time and relaxing will give a boost to your memory and will help you recollect everything you have prepared. Following these steps and techniques keeps your mind fresh in the morning on the day of the examination. You will not panic if you follow up on these methods and techniques to overcome tension and any exam-related problems. If still the problem of anxiety or exam fear continues to haunt you even after following every technique mentioned above. Then we highly suggest the students have a discussion with their parents, or counsellors, mentors, and teachers regarding the exam phobia and seek serious help.

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