All round development of country can be done by keeping Integral Humanism at centre

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All round development of country can be done by keeping Integral Humanism at centre

Saturday, 25 September 2021 | DHARMPAL SINGH

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay was a philosopher, sociologist, economist and politician. The philosophy presented by him is called ‘Integral Humanism’. The aim of which was to present such an ‘indigenous socio-economic model’ in which the human being at the centre of development, the entire nation.  Integral humanism means a broader view of India as a nation by going much beyond the country and treating its inhabitants not as citizens but as members of the family. If the height of humanity has been established in any political theory, then it is Pandit Deendayal Ji Upadhyay’s theory of Integral Humanism!

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay opposed both Western ‘capitalist individualism’ and ‘Marxist socialism’, but ... welcomed modern technology and western science. These favoured a path between capitalism and socialism in which the properties of both systems exist but do not have demerits like their redundancy and separation. According to Upadhyay the capitalist and socialist ideologies only consider the requirements of the body and mind of human beings so they are based on materialistic purpose for the whole development of human beings, these as well as spiritual development is necessary. Also, he had conceived a classless ,casteless and conflict-free social order.

The physical need and other requirements of man have been considered happiness in the sight of the West. According to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay it is necessary to take control of religion on wealth and work and salvation can be attained by the control of religion itself. Although salvation in Indian culture has been considered as ultimate effort, so even trying for it alone does not bring man’s welfare. In fact disregarding other effort can never possess salvation.

Similarly religion is a basic effort but 3 other pursuits are complementary and nutritive to each other. If trading is also to be done, man will have to subdue various traits of religion like virtuality, restraint, sacrifice, austerity, unconformity, forgiveness, audacity, truth etc. Money cannot be earned without these qualities. The people of the west who trade said that the honesty is the best policy i.e. true loyalty is the best policy. According to Indian contemplation the honesty is not a policy but a principle i.e. integrity is not a policy for us but principle. This is the religion and the purusharth of wealth and work runs on the basis of religion. We have considered the state base also to be religion only. According to Pandit Deendayal ji, religion is important but should not forget that religion does not survive in the absence of meaning. There is a post - bubhukhkshitru Kin Na Karoti Papaan, Kishna Janaru Niskarunaru Bhavanti. ie hunger can do all sin. The sage, like Vishwamitra, had also beaten the dog’s yoke of meat by stealing it in the house of Chandal to bear the body with hunger. Our order here states that there should not be an absence of meaning as it is an indicator of religion. Similarly the absence of penal policy i.e. chaos is also harmful to religion.According to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay the influence of the same meaning as lack of meaning is also fatal of religion. When the meaning in person and society do not become achievable by means and all the dividends of life are derived from meaning only then the effect of meaning is produced and the person does various sins for wealth accumulation. Similarly, a person who has more wealth is more likely to become a lusty.

A person’s life in the West is considered in fragments while the Indian contemplation has compiled idea with the perfection of the person’s life.It is the imagination of complete human and integral who are the means of our adoration .Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya has emphasized the concept of Ekatam Manav in contrast to the fragmented concept of the West today the requirement has been made that efforts should be made to take this contemplation of Upadhyaya Ji at a practical level.

Present Relevance of Equality Humanism

Today, a large world population is living in poverty. Several models of development were brought around the world but the expected result was not found. So the world is looking for a development model that is integrated and communicative. Integral humanism is one such philosophy which is integrated and communicable (integral and Sustainable) in its nature. The purpose of integral humanism is to ensure dignified life to each human while balancing the need for individual and society. It supports the sustainable consumption of natural resources to replenish those resources.

Integral humanism not only promotes political but also economic and social democracy and freedom. This theory encourages diversity so it is most suitable for a diverse country like India. The purpose of integral humanism is to provide dignified life to each human and improve the life of a person located at the lower level of society, namely ‘Antyodaya’. Two dhoti, two kurtas and two time food is my absolute necessity. What’s more I need. In this sentence Dindayal ji’s monotonicity and philosophy of Antyodaya can be easily understood. In the word Antyodaya is condolence, sympathetic, is inspiration, is sadhana. Deendayal ji used to say that ‘Unless the last line person will rise, the rise of India is not possible.At the core of Antyodaya, Deendayal ji did not see any electoral benefits as his life was automatically inspired by Antyodaya. He believed in smelting his bone for the advancement of society. His word and conduct did not have inequality. The intention of Antyodaya of Deendayal ji was inspired by Rashtrashram. He considered the national labour as a national religion. They favoured not the service of a sect or class but the service of the entire nation. He believed that in the dissimilar India section from the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean till we ascendancy, ritual, equality, affluence, enlightenment, happiness and power By then our bhagirath sadhana will not be complete. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made not one many bold decisions towards realising him from his poorest schemes of the term Antyodaya, the Central Government is running several public interest schemes. Deendayal ji’s Antyodaya’s dream in Modi government is coming true. It will not be wrong to say that Deendayal Upadhyaya ji’s Ekatam Manavad and Antyodaya’s philosophy will be always relevant in a welfare state like India.

The writer is Organization General Secretary, BJP, Jharkhand and the views expressed in the article are his own.

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