DJB is the most corrupt dept of AAP Govt: Gupta

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DJB is the most corrupt dept of AAP Govt: Gupta

Thursday, 22 July 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

BJP Delhi State president Adesh Gupta on Wednesday demanded a CVC inquiry into the scams happening in the Jal Board. He said the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government has broken all the records of corruption and Delhi Jal Board has become the most corrupt department of the Government.

Gupta alleged that the Jal Board is playing the game of rejecting the first tender and after some time again accepting the same tender and issuing work order.  “This makes clear that when AAP gets desired cut money, the work order will be awarded,” CVC should probe this matter and take it up with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal,” the BJP leader demanded.

Gupta along with three members of the board including Vijay Bhagat,  Satyapal and Rajiv Kumar, at a joint press conference here on Wednesday charged that a tender for proposed water treatment plant at Dwarka was rejected at board’s meeting in July last . But the same was awarded earlier this month.

The state vice president Rajan Tiwari, state spokespersons Harish Khurana and Sarika Jain were also present at the dais. The BJP State President said neither at the time when the tender for proposed work at Dwarka plant worth Rs 280 crore was rejected nor now when it was cleared and awarded any reason was given.

He said the BJP members in the board had then expressed their objection to the whole thing. In fact, he went on to charge ever since Satyendra Jain has become chairman of the Delhi Jal Board, it has become a  practice there to first reject a tender and then award it and release work order after ‘the cut money issue has been settled’. “Rules and regulations ignored in the process of this tender whereas as per rules after 90 days lapse, the whole exercise about issuing tender has to start afresh,” he added. The tender no. 990 which was rejected in July last was now cleared earlier this month as tender no. 1150.

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