Probably, China only is a friend to Pakistan

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Probably, China only is a friend to Pakistan

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 | SUGYAN CHOUDHURY

Indo-US ties shall be strengthened in Biden regime

The world today is gripped between cooperation and confrontation. A state’s foreign policy is decided on its own national interest having interaction with other countries bilaterally or in multilateral platforms, where Ambassadors are the key players remaining at the vanguard of their countries’ interest.

One such eminent Odia officer Abasar Beuria had joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1965 contributing immensely to India’s foreign affairs. He has played his four decades of successful innings.

He served in Myanmar, Japan, Soviet Union (now Russia), USA, UAE, Sri Lanka and, finally, Madagascar. He has participated in many bilateral and multilateral discussions championing the cause of India’s foreign affairs. In an interview to The Pioneer, Beuria spoke to Sugyan Choudhury on the prevailing foreign affairs scenario.

How far have the steps taken by the Modi Government in curbing China’s economic interest in India produced desire results?

The recent proposal of disengagement of Chinese troops at Ladakh has taken place. This is largely due to the steps taken by the Modi Government in restricting the bilateral trade between the two countrie as imposed by our Central Government.

I think the China’s leadership could not anticipate such a step to be taken up by the Govt of India besides being getting readied for a conflict with China or for meeting with effective confrontation by inflecting a crushing defeat on the aggressive designs of China. The economic steps taken by the Govt of India have forced China to disengage its troops at Ladakh.

Reports say there is political turmoil and economic unrest in China, probably leading to a civil war. Will it ultimately contribute towards freedom of the Tibetans?

 It is true that there is political turmoil, economic hazards coupled with crores of unemployed youths in China. There is also huge discontentment among the people and divisions in the communist party as reported from time to time.  But whether that would take a shape to disintegrate China is a very difficult question to predict now. But I am sure if such a situation escalates, there would be some changes in Communist China’s political structure.

The society of the Chinese people and their history are such that it is indeed difficult to predict its disintegration. Why should we be in a hurry? Let’s wait and watch the developments. As regards Tibet, unless there is a total chaos in China, we cannot think of any precipitated action in Tibet.

For the last so many years, the Chinese Government has been trying to change not only the demography of Tibet but also its entire culture. To some extent, China has succeeded in its attempt in doing so. Getting back autonomy or independence for Tibet is still a matter of waiting. The resistance we are witnessing in Tibet is certainly a concern for the China’s security or Chinese pride.

Every country has an Army. But Pakistan Army has a country and with the interference of China, how do you think the plights of these people have got worsened?

There is no doubt that in Pakistan, the final word of governance remains with the Army. There is nothing new. It has always been like that. The civil administration in Pakistan is a puppet in the hands of the Army. At present, the Pakistan Army is facing a lot of problems in Baluchistan and Sind.

China and Pakistan have entered into an agreement for Chinese investment in Pakistan. But China invests only where it has its final say. When the Pakistan Army is facing problem in Baluchistan or in some other areas, they seek Chinese interference hopping that China will help Pakistan financially and militarily. Therefore, Pakistan is in turmoil.

Obviously, China’s interference in Pakistan’s affairs tells upon the latter’s national integrity and sovereignty. Pakistan is a failed state in various quarters.

More trouble in Pakistan is posing problems to India as a neighbour. But owing to its crisis, Pakistan depends on China for both financial and military aid. Probably, China is the only country that remains a friend to Pakistan.

With Kamala Harris leaning to the left and Biden not being a hardliner on China like his predecessor, how is it going to affect Indian interest?

I don’t think it is going to affect Indian’s interest. Maybe, Biden’s foreign policy will be a replica of Obama’s. A country’s foreign policy is determined by its national interest.

Hence, it is our duty to see that our national interest converges on some points. Whatever we have come to know from Biden’s administration is that America will come to international move whether it is WHO, climate change, European countries, Japan or Fareast.

Biden is interested that America, Japan, India and Australia will be partners. And they also know for certain that India is the only country which has the inherent power to curtail China’s power in this Indo-pacific region.

Biden is interested that China should have less influence or the least say in the area of Indian Ocean or in the Pacific Ocean. India has also a big market for any other country like the USA.

Hence, I believe America will cultivate its relationship with India. Biden was a Senator and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He knows many international leaders. No other US president in recent past has that depth of knowledge which Biden has in foreign affairs.

He was responsible to successfully implement the Indo-American nuclear deal. It was for Biden’s persuasive power that all the other democrats, who were internally hesitant to sign such a deal, finally agreed. I personally believe Indo-American ties shall be strengthened during Biden’s regime and India remain a strategic partner to America.

Back at our homeland, what is your response on Andhra making inroads into Odisha at the Kotia region?

I am actually surprised to know that elections are taking place in Kotia by the AP Government, which claims that it has been conducting elections in this area since the 1950s. 

Obviously this is a failure of our administration, which ought to have taken much more interest in these border areas taking stock of the situation and looking at the interest of the people of the areas. 

Certainly, it is the failure on the parts of our Government, bureaucracy that things have come to such a pass. The matter has now gone to the Supreme Court, where we have to furnish the necessary evidences to prove that this part of the land belongs to us.

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