Rock Python gets stuck inside AC unit, rescued

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Rock Python gets stuck inside AC unit, rescued

Thursday, 22 July 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

A two-foot-long juvenile Indian rock python slithered into the air conditioner unit fitted at a house in Chattarpur and got stuck there.

Upon realising their air conditioner wasn't functional, the family decided to investigate. To their surprise, a two-foot-long juvenile Indian Rock Python had slithered into the air-conditioning unit through the exhaust tube and was trapped inside.

A two-member team from the wildlife conservation NGO rushed to the location with rescue equipment and protective gear in hand. In the meantime, the rescuers instructed the family to lock the room so that the snake remained inside till they arrived.

In a tricky, complicated extraction that lasted 45 minutes, the team had to dismount the air conditioner from the wall and carefully disassemble the unit. The python was carefully extricated from the machine parts and transferred into a snake bag.

After a detailed examination for injuries, the snake was released back into the wild.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “People often panic when they encounter snakes but contrary to popular belief they are non-confrontational but will react instinctually when provoked or threatened. We are very grateful to the family for contacting the Wildlife SOS Hotline and having faith in our team of qualified rescuers, instead of taking the matter into their own hands ”

Wasim Akram, Deputy Director – Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, said, “Our team is dedicated to successfully fulfilling its mission of helping animals in distress. Much of our work in Delhi NCR surrounds spreading awareness about urban wildlife including snakes, and we are very glad that it is showing results.”

In another incident, a 5-foot-long Indian Rat snake was found entangled in synthetic garden netting at The National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) near JNU.

The snake’s futile attempts to break free had resulted in the wires to tighten its grip around the body. The Wildlife SOS rescuers carefully cut through the netting to free the distressed snake.

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