10 things to give up for a successful life

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10 things to give up for a successful life

Sunday, 03 January 2021 | Samridh Seth

10 things to give up for a successful life

Mindful decisions & action are the keys to a successful life, says Samridh Seth, as he offers tips to declutter your mind

Procrastination is a trait that has been learnt by us due to technological advancements over the years. But in our pursuit for a stable, promising and illustrious life, moving ahead after shedding this quality is the only way out. Mindful decisions and action are the keys to a successful life. However, it is easier said than done. Certain challenges come in our way, of which some are dependent on the external factors while others are a part of our lifestyle. Using corrective measures to check certain practices that we follow would certainly help us lead a life that helps us be at peace. Listing 10 things that would certainly help you lead your life with much more clarity.

  • Day Dreaming: Dream big and work big. But that excludes day dreaming. This process is both time consuming and emotionally draining. All you do with daydreaming is lose out on time that you could have spent working on your dream.
  • Planning: It is good to think ahead and be organised but to just keep planning what is to be done can be time-consuming. Rather, focus on action.
  • Waiting for the right time: There is never the right time and every time is right. Get up and start working on what you have in mind. Be it simple reading or a new project, just start working on it and things will start falling in place.
  • Dwelling in the past: No point crying over spilt milk. Be here and now! The more time and energy you give to the past, the less you’ll have to propel you into the future.
  • Final Destination: It’s the journey that matters more than the destination. There is always room for improving, learning, excelling as you go along!
  • Perfection: Perfection is mere illusion. Give what you are doing your best ability, and then release it out into the world and see what happens. Perfection is a myth, it’s only excellence what one can achieve.
  • Doubt: Doubt and fear of failure only put you through self-criticism and impact your growth adversely. Don’t be afraid of the world out there, embrace it, it is your world too!
  • Overthinking: It only creates anxiety in the mind. The mind starts exploring all the worst-case scenarios and builds up the adrenaline response (fight, flight or freeze) which we take as anxiety.
  • Comfort Zone: Do not hesitate to explore something out of the box. Make the uncomfortable zone your comfort zone. You will come back richer in experience and wiser.
  • Blame game: It is far easier to pin the blame on others than own up to one’s faults. Own the mistake, understand where you went wrong and then learn and improve. Never commit the same mistake and don’t hold others responsible for your wrong doing. Don’t be afraid of failure. Take failure as the stepping stone for success.

The writer is the author of Past Dwellers

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