With safety comes joy

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With safety comes joy

Sunday, 10 October 2021 | David Lewis

With safety comes joy

With festive season shining brightly upon us and restrictions easing down, let’s not overlook the fact that the virus has not yet left our side. Here are some ways to live it up responsibly

The festive season is upon us. As you gear up to celebrate the festivities, you must prepare yourself and your family to stay safe during this season. With the deadly second wave of COVID-19 earlier in the year and a third one possibly looming large, it is indeed necessary to celebrate festivities cautiously. Although Government and health officials have established rules to prevent the spread of virus during the festivals, we must exercise self-discipline and control to ensure a safe festival in the middle of these unusual times.

Citizens should participate in the festival responsibly, adhering to all  safety regulations. People should spend the holidays with their families in the privacy of their homes, avoiding crowded areas and wearing masks at all times if they must leave the house. Unfortunately, when we talk about safety, we tend to limit it to social distancing and following other appropriate behaviour, often overlooking the surface and air hygiene aspect marred by the presence of garbage, contaminated and stagnant water, insects, and more.

We say home is where the heart is, and we strive to keep our homes clean. While our home is undeniably our haven, keeping it clean and tidy is an entirely different story. When the festive season approaches, cleaning the house becomes quite the challenge. Modern problems necessitate modern solutions, and using home cleaning and disinfection services to make the house safe and clean is quite simple and hassle-free nowadays.

Calling in professional disinfection services before the festival and having them disinfect the entire house is an excellent method to ensure that all your tasks are completed on time. Professional disinfection services can play a crucial part in eliminating all or most microorganisms, thus ensuring your home is entirely safe and protected from germs, especially during festive days.

There are several options for us to choose from, including disinfection fogging and sanitizing of critical touchpoints. The technicians who carry out such services are more highly trained than general cleaning staff and have years of experience in working in situations with a high requirement for hygiene.

We are aware of how pests can be a big nuisance. They are not only inconvenient but also unsanitary. Cleaning entails not only the washing and dry cleaning of carpets, windows and the entire house but also pests. When visitors come home, it is embarrassing to see pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes around. Moreover, the festive season is also the peak time for unwanted insects such as houseflies and dung flies that can spread disease through food and surfaces.

Bites and stings can also be caused by flies and mosquitoes. Hence, it is best to complete pest treatment by a professional pest control service provider before the festival.

In addition to effective pest management, good indoor air quality is critical for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment at home, as well as protecting the health of family members and visitors from hazardous air pollutants.

Many individuals have assumed for many years that dangerous air pollution can only be found outside. People today spend about 90 per cent of their time indoors, exposing them to indoor air contaminants for extended periods of time. Cooking preparations, fragrances, air fresheners, and cleaning products, waste and rubbish, body odours, scents from candles and incense, paints and varnishes, and building dampness can all cause chemical compounds to be released into the air, resulting in indoor air pollution.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can increase the risk of disease transmission from viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi and other allergens. This can also have a negative impact on people's sleep and performance throughout the day. Protecting children, elderly and pets, as well as people with allergies or compromised immune systems, requires good indoor air quality at home. While good ventilation can help to recirculate the air in the home, clean air devices can aid to eliminate dangerous airborne pollutants.

Apart from this, maintaining personal hygiene and taking good care of our food habits is extremely important to avoid gastric and related illnesses. It is always best to eat food that is cooked in a clean environment to avoid contamination. You must eat while the food is hot and choose freshly cooked food made in clean utensils in front of you.

If venturing out, you must see if the food stall is clean and well-kept. Watch the staff, if they wash their hands after handling money or other dirty things and before serving food with their hands. Look out for pests such as flies. Avoid eating out or ordering from places with poor hygiene.

It is important to maintain social distancing norms during celebrations. Avoiding large family gatherings and crowding at public places can help protect you and your loved ones. You never know if the individual you're interacting with is a quiet virus carrier. Festivities are a time for fun and cheer and it is easy to forget about the ongoing pandemic. So, celebrate this festive season in a clean and hygienic environment and ensure to keep yourself and your family safe.

The writer is David Lewis, MD, Rentokil PCI

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