CM participates in nutrition campaign programme of Arogya Bharti

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CM participates in nutrition campaign programme of Arogya Bharti

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | Staff Reporter | bhopal

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that we all have to work keeping the goal of a healthy person, a healthy family and a healthy nation before us. The sixteen sanskars (rituals), including Swarna Prashan, are scientific. It is helpful in making children strong and intelligent. For this reason, Swarna Prashan Sanskar has been prevalent in Indian families since ancient times.

Chouhan was distributing Swarna Prashan, considered as immunity booster, to children under the nutrition campaign at Arogya Bharti office in Tulsi Nagar on Tuesday.

He further said that thousands of years old rock paintings also show that only a healthy person can lead a completely happy life. Efforts should be made that the person does not fall ill.

Chouhan said that in the field of Ayurveda, our knowledgeable Acharyas had manufactured chemicals like Swarna Prashan to fight bacterial diseases since ancient times. Swarna Prashan means the consumption of Swarna (gold). It is consumed during Pushya Nakshatra. Swarna Prashana is useful in building the ability to fight various diseases in children. Children were made to lick Swarna Prashan. In rural areas many times the families could not afford this. Then the ritual was completed even by licking ordinary honey. Swarna Prashan consists of Swarna Bhasma as well as mixtures like Ghee, Honey, Giloy, Shankhpushpi and Ashwagandha. It has been of great importance for the good health of children.

From birth till the age of sixteen, parents make their children consume it. However, now this tradition is disappearing even in the villages. The work of carrying forward this tradition of increasing immunity in children is commendable. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the efforts of Arogya Bharti for the promotion of Swarna Prashan are praiseworthy.

The Chief Minister said that Ayurveda has great importance in daily life. Bhopal's Pt. Khushilal Sharma Ayurvedic College is an ideal centre. Here facilities like Panchakarma are also available. Efforts are on to make this college a research centre. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also remembered the services of Vaidya Pt. Ramnarayan Shastri.

Chouhan said that Arogya Bharti and other organisations can adopt a village or an Anganwadi for distribution of Swarna Prashan. Surely its benefits will reach the society. Chouhan distributed Bal Raksha kits (child protection kits) to some children in the programme. One month's medicine has been given in it. The Chief Minister expressed the need to increase efforts in this direction with the joint efforts of the society and the government. National Organisation Secretary of Arogya Bharti, Ashok Kumar Varshney, from Uttar Pradesh, also addressed.


The programme started and concluded with chanting of mantras.

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