Ganja, drugs peddling rampant in Subarnapur SRIKUMAR MAHANTA SONEPUR

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Ganja, drugs peddling rampant in Subarnapur SRIKUMAR MAHANTA SONEPUR

Thursday, 22 September 2022 | SRIKUMAR MAHANTA | SONEPUR

Ganja and other narcotic drugs like corex and eskuf are fast spreading their tentacles in Subarnapur district with the police remaining mute spectators.


Sources said, ganja peddling continues unabated in the district. Some smugglers also sell corex and other drugs from abandoned houses and in the town’s lonely lanes and bylanes. As there are no police raids, youths gather at these haunts and consume narcotics like eskuf, corex and dendrite.


People are losing confidence on the district police due to wrongdoings and nonchalant attitude of some erring officials, claimed social activists and intellectuals.


They cited several incidents of the recent past where people took law into their own hands as the police failed to do justice to their duty.


"Imposing Section 144 of the IPC and suspending a few officials is not the solution. The callousness and highhandedness of the police have crossed all limits. The police are facing criticism from various quarters due to the alleged wrongdoings of some erring police officials," said a businessman Manoj Pattnaik of Sonepur town.


 Senior lawyer Baldev Bedbak said the police should be imparted proper training to deal with public. They should change their attitude towards common people. They must not try to suppress citizens, rather they should lend their ears to their genuine grievances, he suggested.


Echoing the sentiment, social worker Mitabrata Mishra said that some police officials are acting as per their personal whims and sweet will while dealing with public and maintaining law and order.


Police officials should act in accordance with the law. They must not misuse the power, he added.


On the other hand, the local youngsters after becoming rich overnight through illegal trading, aspire to maintain a lavish lifestyle. This forces them to resort to crimes like robbery, ATM loot and bank loot by forming gangs with the help of criminals of other States, sources maintained.


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