Power demand in Capital touches 6,805 MW

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Power demand in Capital touches 6,805 MW

Saturday, 14 May 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

The power demand in the national capital on Friday cloaked 6805 MW, breaking all previous records in the month of May. According to the sources in discoms, the city’s peak power demand broke the record created just a day earlier. It not only clocked the season’s highest of 6805 MW at 15:23 pm, but also the highest ever in the month of May.                                                                              “Yesterday, Delhi’s peak power demand clocked 6780 MW in the afternoon, highest ever in the month of May till then.

 Just hours later, this record too was broken, when the peak power demand clocked 6800 MW at 11:07 in the night,” they said. “Delhi’s peak power demand in May had never crossed the 6000 MW in 2021 and 2020. In 2019, it had crossed the 6000 MW mark only on three occasions - May 29 (6020 MW), May 30 (6240 MW) and May 31 (6461 MW),” sources said.

 “Earlier, in April 2022, the peak power demand had been higher on 100 per cent of the corresponding days in respect to that of April 2021, 2020 and 2019. 

Moreover, on seven occasions in April 2022, city’s peak power demand clocked the highest ever in April, each breaking the previous record in quick succession. On April 19, it was 5735 MW, 5761 MW on April 20, 5781 MW on August 21, 5786 MW on April 27, 6050 MW on April 28 and 6197 on April 29 and 6036 MW on April 30,” sources added.