Talktime | ‘Singing is my passion & my first interest’

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Talktime | ‘Singing is my passion & my first interest’

Sunday, 07 August 2022 | SUPRIYA RAMESH

Talktime | ‘Singing is  my passion & my first interest’

GIPPY GREWAL | The singer, who is also an actor, film director and producer, has come up with a new single Mutiyare Ni. He speaks with SUPRIYA RAMESH about his experience of shooting for the song, what he thinks about the current independent music scene in the country, social media’s impact on the popularity of music and more 

What was the thought behind creating the song Mutiyare Ni?

Singing is my passion. I have always said that singing is my first interest and Mutiyaare Ni is a very beautiful pop song that, unsurprisingly, has gotten immense positive feedback from my admirers. According to me, every upcoming song possesses an intention to entertain the audience with a fresh interpretation and requires a new effort.


Please tell us about your experience of shooting Mutiyare Ni with Olya Kryvenda?

She was effortless in her performance, and that, in my opinion, was her best attribute. It was an awesome experience to work with a wonderful artist. She has my best wishes for a successful future.


What are your thoughts about the current independent music scene in the country and how has it evolved?

With each passing year, a fresh singing technique is created, shared and enjoyed by the audience. Surprisingly, people of all ages enjoy it. The desire to create something new is the one quality that is leading today's talent away from hopelessness and toward enlightenment.


Your current Bollywood track Nach Punjaban is still ruling the charts. How do you feel about it?

Being a part of the track was an amazing experience for me and I'm extremely appreciative of the audience's support for it. The tune features all the unique Punjabi components that make the song so special, and I'm very happy about that.


What is your take on social media and its impact on the popularity of music?

Punjabis are great admirers of music and it has only enlightened with time. Yes, social media plays a big part in boosting the art of music.


You are an actor, singer, film director and producer. How do you juggle between the roles?

In this scenario, I would only state that you will always be able to succeed effortlessly, if you love what you do and are surrounded by supportive friends and family.


What’s next in the music and movie space. Finally, how has your experience been with Believe India?

 Currently, my upcoming movie Yaar Mera Titliyan Warga, which will release on September 2, is something I'm looking forward to.

Talking about my upcoming projects, there will be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment back to back.

Singing is my USP, and this song holds a great place in my singing career. Mutiyare Ni is a song that has another level of authentic vibe that definitely makes your legs shake with every beat.

It’s been an incredible journey with Believe Artist Services. The team in India is a very well-informed group of people and with their guidance and support on strategic and innovative marketing services, they are clear in their vision and do the job with clarity.

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